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Thread: Minecraft Map Points of Interest

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    Minecraft Map Points of Interest

    Playstuff Minecraft Map Points of Interest

    After an entirely smooth and problem-free process we now have a point of interest system working on the Minecraft map viewer. Not only does it have more than one feature, but it's one that anyone can add to with everyone's favourite erect set of wooden planks: Signs!
    All it takes is adding a simple and specific set of characters on the first line of the sign and it will appear on the map viewer when selecting the appropriate filter. (However it won't appear immediately on the map as it requires the Overviewer map to be updated, and that happens on a roughly sporadic weekly basis).

    Currently there are three types of points of interest you can add:

    Points of Interest

    These are intended as general points of interest you may want to mark for others to visit. To add one to the map, simply have the first line of the sign be [PS]
    I'll mention here that the type has to be specifically that, so make sure you're not sneaking any spaces or other text into there. Your sign should look something like this:


    Next up are stations, use these to mark any stops along our rather handsome and extensive transport infrastructure. For these add [STATION] as the first line of the sign.


    Lastly we have screenshots, and these require a little more legwork. To add a screenshot as a point of interest you'll need to upload it to Imgur, from there you need to take note of the seven character code in the url, for example the image used here is from so the unpronounceable "7SnjBHt" is the important part. Bear in mind that it is case sensitive (you can copy and paste into Minecraft signs to make the process easier).
    The text on the sign itself (using the aforementioned example) would be: Image:7SnjBHt
    These are little more sensitive to mistakes than the other points of interest, so double check before confirming that text (or after and y'know, place the sign again).

    Have fun out there marking all your favourite bars, spectacular projects, and diabolical chicken killing machines, and feel free to suggest any other categories that it might be handy to have.

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