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Thread: Nintendo Switch

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    Nintendo Switch

    So, I got to have a play around with one of these last weekend.

    I was a little disappointed.

    The hardware looks nice enough, and is easy to use. The controller feels a bit strange, there's a really short throw to the thumbsticks(?) which takes a little getting used to. All the interfaces feel nice and snappy.

    However, I was really disappointed that Breath of the Wild had regular significant framerate drops while attached to the TV. I know it's almost a Zelda tradition to lag out the console when things get busy but I'm talking about just walking through a parts of woodland dropping the framerate to sub 30fps. Kinda lame. Otherwise, BotW looked great.

    The Nintendo Store was also down, and many of the trailers you can view on the news section of the home screen either wouldn't play or only played in part. It would seem Nintendo are still struggling to have a competitive online experience.

    This might have just been unfortunate timing, but it didn't cast the console in the best light. I was of the mind that if they released Mario Maker for Switch that I'd pick one up, but now I'm not as interested.

    Any other Playstuffers have/tried one of these things? How has your experience been?
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    Re: Nintendo Switch

    I'm not in the market for anything like that but thanks for the interesting observations and thoughts.
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    Re: Nintendo Switch

    I have one of course, been really enjoying it so far.

    Library is a bit lackluster, but so many great indie games in a portable make it so amazing.

    Played the Splatoon 2 demo weekend and besides one connection drop I had a great experience.

    The console definitely needs a bit of work, really hoping for a great e3 lineup.

    Also, launch seemed pretty successful. Our subreddit also entered the top 400 now, so there seems a lot more interest than the previous generation.

    Now just give me Rocket league please...


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