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Thread: *Supercool Title*

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    Re: *Supercool Title*

    Quote Originally Posted by Slinger View Post
    Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys, there are even free cookies flying around for everyone, looking forward to meeting some people here. =)
    Sounds awesome that this is a more chilled out community, should be my cup of tea. For the nosey bastards here, I got this site-URL from "ThePriest" after I had confessed my sins,
    in the hope that I would start a better life in this community. The bowling days with my cousin are a thing of the past now.

    <- This eye is from the band "Tool" for those who don't know and are curious, I'm a very avid listener of a wide variety of music, so feel free to share your music with me please ^^
    I love Tool so much <3

    Good ol' Priesty never fails to send people on the path of righteousness

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    Re: *Supercool Title*

    Glad to see everyone is doing such a fine job of meeting and greeting you here

    Looking forward to a few more fun games with you buddy, and to seeing your face around here more!
    3 People have given a Cookie to ThePriest:,, Slinger

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