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Thread: MVP's Mothership Connection.

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    MVP's Mothership Connection.

    If you haven't seen yesterdays Finals in the GSL, then you are in for a treat when the VoD's come out - and I won't go into detail here about the games except to say it was extremely exciting and action packed.

    Here's a clip from game 6. This game was the first in GSL history to feature both BC's and Motherships. The most nail-biting of games. At one point, with MVP taking the Island expansions on Metropolis, Squirtle decided to do something about recalling his entire army to his Mothership - which sat above one of the Islands. Only problem was, that 200 energy recall left the Mothership out of Energy - and Squirtle's army stuck on the Island.

    Later. We were treated to this amazing bit of play - watch and enjoy a piece of SC2 history being made.

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    Re: MVP's Mothership Connection.

    Watching that made me realise that we could be living in the plot of Enders Game!
    (Logan - if you haven't read it then you really should!)
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