Hey folks.

The Playstuff TF2 server is one of my regular haunts, and I've found that it generally seems to attract good players and has a decent atmosphere -- don't think I've ever seen anyone using hacks/exploits or raging in chat, which makes a pleasant change.

Naturally, a lot of the folks on there are in the clan (with the .ps after their name) and so I enquired how one might join, and I was directed to the forums. If there's a means to apply it'd be good to know, and I'd be interested sometime in trying out higher-level play than just public servers. I think I've got pretty good at the game, although I suspect a round or two with competitive-level players would disabuse me of that notion

Anyhow, nice to be here. I'd be grateful for server recommendations (as Playstuff has, alas, only the one TF2 server) as a number of the ones in my favourites list have become increasingly underpopulated, tend to attract bad or ragey players (I am tired of Team Threespies), and in the worst cases I've seen people blatantly cheating.

I've also got a selection of items I'd be interested in trading, though I'm not sure if that kind of post is allowed on the TF2 forum.