Want to stream your gaming but haven't got a fast enough CPU for decent quality? Until this card, you'd need a decent i5 or i7 quad to play and stream in decent quality at the same time (for any game that eats CPU that is - so Sc2, TF2...)

Currently saving up my 'stopped drinking and smoking' cash for one of these cards - due out this month

They look really awesome - handling the video compression on the card, so there is very little CPU hit - meaning you can stream any game in full quality (subject to internet speeds). No idea what price they will be but judging by other cards in the range, i'm (admittedly very optimistically) expecting around 200. Still, much cheaper than buying a new rig, when my current PC is just fine (and 6 years old :p)

More here http://www.avermedia.com/Product/Pro...il.aspx?Id=571