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Thread: Evil Geniuses Masters Cup Series League

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    Evil Geniuses Masters Cup Series League

    Just realised that I haven't actually posted here about this awesome Series League, that happens over on http//, which I am privileged to be a mod for.

    The competition is approaching the halfway mark - and has offered some superb games and excellent production values so far.

    The teams competing in this MCSL could barely be better: Mousesports, SlayerS, Dignitas, Empire, Fnatic, Millenium, Team Liquid, ComplexityMVP, It's Gosu, Vile, Evil Geniuses and Alternative aTTax.

    Click here to visit the EG Masters Cup Series League and find out more about the EG MCSL.

    There have been many highlights so far, but one really stands out for me - EG's DeMuslim and Machine casting EG Demuslim (T) vs aTn Delphi (Z).
    What makes this so special is of course the fact that DeMu is commenting on his own game (matches are played the week before, then cast from Replays, since this is an international competition and time differences complicate Live games). I recommend you watch this, if you watch nothing else from the extensive archives of the season so far, held on Twitch. It's epic and hilarious at the same time.

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    Re: Evil Geniuses Masters Cup Series League

    Thats very good

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