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The Said Email to Gabe

by Leminnes on 23-04-2012 at 23:43
Here it is in full. I've decided to post it, just because if I was willing to say all of this to Gaben, I can say it to you guys.

Dear Gabe,

I want to work at Valve.

I want to work there more than anything else I think I've wanted in my life. And I don't think I'm going on the right path to do so, and it terrifies me. Right now I am majoring in graphic design, making logos and brand booklets for State Parks that don't exist. I'm also making kinetic type

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The Email I Probably Shouldn't've Sent To Gaben

by Leminnes on 22-04-2012 at 22:01
So a few night ago, I was laying in bed and having one of those mental breakdowns you have when you lay in bed and think about everything that has ever happened in your life.

I hate those moments.

And in a burst of spontaneity, I wrote and sent a stupidly personal e-mail to Gabe Newell. I'm not sure if I regret it, as it is certainly how I feel, but I am very embarrassed about it. I like to keep my cards close to my chest. I barely ever outright show my emotions to

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A Week Working Out

by Leminnes on 21-09-2010 at 19:55
Sup guys, it's been a week now since I first started working out. Soreness is gone, thank god. The first 2 work outs were hell for soreness, but now I barely feel it. I've gone to the gym four times now, and I no longer dread doing so! Which is actually a very good thing. Just some stats:

Weight - Beginning: 45lbs, As Of 9/20: 65lbs
Bench Press
Weight- Beginning: 45lbs, As Of 9/18: 65lbs
Inverted Rows
Reps- Beginning: 5, As of 9/18: 6

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First Day at the Gym

by Leminnes on 15-09-2010 at 05:53
Thanks to everyone who prodded me to go, was a great help.

Anyway, first time was... interesting. I went in and sat down on a bench and just observed the others watching for a bit. Probably looked creepy, but I wanted to see how they did some of their routine. That and I was nervous. But, I wasn't going to let my nerves get the better of me so I went out there and did my first workout: squats. Wasn't too bad, probably the easiest workout of the night. The awkward part was the rests

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Having Issues

by Leminnes on 25-08-2010 at 17:03
So, I'm having a few issues. I left my gym clothes at home, and they don't allow blue jeans in the gym. So... yeah. Also, my bicycle's tire is screwed, it popped somehow, I'm not sure, and I don't have the money to fix it. However, I won't give up! I have some shorts I can use in the downstairs gym and, as Bob said, I'll be swimming as well. I'll start running when it gets a bit cooler.

My good camera is also a bit screwed right now. I forgot my card reader at home too and the card

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