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List of [Awesome] Source Mods!

by ekay on 22-02-2010 at 11:34
Here's a list of some Source mods that are out there. Enjoy!

Jailbreak: Source
Dinosaurs vs Robots...
Every time someone dies they get thrown into the opposing teams jail, you can bust them out by hitting the release switch. Watch the trailer, it's awesome.

A futuristic 'anime' counterstrike like mod. Very popular with a large community.

Age of Chivalry
A multiplayer class based Medieval brawler in first person.

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Firefox 3.6 Tweaks

by ekay on 12-02-2010 at 03:44
My first blog post, thought I'd make it a informative.

Add Ons
AddBlock Plus - If you do only one thing, do this.
GreaseMonkey - A per-website-tweaking tool. Find scripts for the sites you want to tweak on

Options Menu basics
Tools > Options > Content > Advanced >
Untick "Move or Resize Windows" and "Disable or Replace Context menus". This will stop websites from messing with your browser window

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