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Fan Art

by Agro on 17-02-2011 at 10:58
It's not a 'humble' thing, I just don't understand it.

TF2 is a game I play. It was made by other people and I love it. It took many years to create and the guys behind it desearve all the love and affection that the world has for them. The little podkast we do, once a week, is really just a bunch of TF2 fanboys chatting. That's it. So when people do great things like Two monkey's fan art I'm forced into this wierd feeling of deflection. It's not like we have any fans, we're just

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Updated 17-02-2011 at 12:30 by Agro


Over 9000

by Agro on 19-06-2010 at 13:40
It's hard to say the exact moment when Mild Mannered Agro turns into The Incredible Balk but it's usually about the time that someone uses a meme as a defence. This was the case when I managed to corner one of the growing band of VGN imposters.

Our Clan isn't all that particular about who we let become recruits. Despite all the show and bustle surrounding the move from recruit to full member, all that boils down to is showing up enough and being seen to be taking part, without

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An interview with Robin Walker

by Agro on 28-05-2010 at 23:42
It's funny what you get when you ask for it. For example, I would never have thought that Robin Walker would ever concede to giving us an interview but we asked for it, and he has.

Sadly, for an audio podcast, he refused to set his voice to tape. Instead he insisted on an e-mail interview. I don't mind too much though. His answers are priceless as they stand. We can't wait hit go on the page. Twitter/e-mails/blog posts all standing by.

This is a highlight of my

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Another great podkast...

by Agro on 17-05-2010 at 14:24
... from the team who brought you kritzkast and 2girls1game and ....?

This isn't (just) a trolling session. I was thinking that we're missing a bunch of other podkasts from our collection.

Which is where you lot come in. If you recon you can handle the pressure of talking into a mic with a bunch of people once a week, or so. Editing it down to something reasonable that someone other than your mum may want to listen to then you should send us an e-mail at

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