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Incredibly late Neptune's Pride Game 2 Blog Part 2

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15/05/2010 23:00
Looks like Bob's going to be awkward. He is defending excellently and keeping his ships together rather than launching rash counter attacks. I am making progress but it's going to be slow.

17/05/2010 19:00
Bob launched his counter offensive today. I'll neutralise his main fleet at Altais Mu, but he will successfully recapture Salm, which is the best world i've got off him so far. With a bit of luck i'll be recapturing it back within 12 hours. Bob is not making this easy. I feel if I make any mistakes he's going to exploit them.

18/05/2010 22:45
It's slow progress against Bob. I tried to take Head of Hydrus to get a better look at his fleet dispositions but he managed to reinforce it. 3agle looks to be squeezing Postscript which is surprsing as originally I thought Postscript had the stronger economy and industry. Elsewhere NeoX looks strong and Fletch still has the planet lead.

20/05/2010 15:45
I'm slowly wrapping up Bob's outer worlds, but his valuable core worlds are still intact, and i'm having trouble getting scanners on them to plan an assault. Head of Hydrus is the key world here, if I can hold it for any time at all I can get a good look at his core worlds and how they're defended.

3agle reneged on a trade and launched a sneak attack last night. Luckily for me I was working overnight and saw it start. Also luckily for me 3agle miscalculated his attacks which meant I took 2 fleets out with no losses, and was able to move ships around to defend against all but one of the incoming fleets. I was also able to take 2 of his worlds in return.
He has a medium sized fleet in my back line, but without support I'll be able to wear it down and knock it out. So... as long as no reinforcements arrive I should be ok.
I'm also planning to give Postscript a load of tech because 3agle hasn't finished him off yet.

22/05/2010 23:50
Fletch has captured one of my rubbish worlds, however in private conversation he has assured me that this is just a ruse to make 3agle believe he is against me. He has staked his reputation on the this.... so we'll see about that.
I'm making slow progress against Bob now because I can't bring as many reinforcements to bear. I'm also making slow progress against 3agle. His instincts are good, but he's not doing the maths on the battles which i'm grateful for. If he was as calculating as Bob i'd be in full retreat and probably on my way out.
I've set up a trade agreement with Wondwi which should be useful.
At this point just hoping no one else has a crack at me whilst Bob and 3agle are attacking.

24/05/2010 21:20
Got a bit concerned Overload might attack. I'd asked for a non aggression treaty and he made some pretty strong demands which I declined. However, he looks to have launched an all out assault against Fletch, so that's a relief.
I've kind of stalled against Bob, and we're in a bit of a stand off situation, but i'm making steady progress against 3agle. 3agle is throwing ships at me piecemeal which is working to my advantage. I'm pushing towards his core worlds now.
Trade agreement with Wondwi is handy as Wondwi has high science, but low weapons. It means I'm not having to give him scary weapons strength for the engines. Neo had proposed a similar deal, but his weapon level is high enough that upping it by one is a risky proposition.
Neo and Honsou just had the largest fleet engagement so far. Ove 500 ships all told I think.
Fletch's fleet is still there, but I imagine it will withdraw at some point to try and repel Overload.

26/05/2010 22:50
I'm rampaging through 3agles home systems now... he's launched a counter attack at Bunda but it's not going to succeed. He still has ships to spare but he's pretty much beaten now.
I've launched an assault at Bobs homeworld. I'll know how successful it's been tomorrow. I'm now looking ahead. Bob and 3agle should both fall now, it's just a matter of time.
I'm strengthening my borders with Wondwi and Overload. I should have enough of a materials advantage once these wars are concluded that I won't need to attack anyone else... I can wait for them to come to me.

1/06/2010 20:30
I originally thought Bob was consolidating his ships. Turns out he was on holiday! Anyway, I've pushed through and taken most of Bobs worlds. He still has a respectable number of ships, but i'll be overwhelming them in the next couple of days.
3agle pretty much the same, although he still has plenty of worlds at this time.
My tech and weapons lead now is substantial. I'm leveraging the extra worlds I have to give me a natural advantage in industry, econom and science. Basically, no one can beat me one on one now, and most two on ones i'm still looking good.
Wondwi could threaten with a sneak attack. I almost wish he would, because then that makes the end game nice and simple. After starting in the middle, and assuming I was going to lose, i now cautiously believe i'm going to win this.

Took Bob's last two worlds today. Considering how much an advantage I hat in industry he did a very good job of holding me off. My ships are now turning towards 3agle to roll him up.

At at that point the game kind of dried up. In conquering Bob and 3agle I had taken what turned out to be an insurmountable lead. Wondwi might have been able to have a crack at me, but it would have left him very open to others so we went into a cold war situation where no one was risking attacks on anyone else while I picked off the remnants of 3agle and Postscript which got me enough systems for victory.

All in all Neptunes Pride was an interesting experiment but definitely mentally draining towards the end. The long form game has potential and i'm curious to see what Iron Helmets follow up Blight of the Immortals has going for it, as it will be a much more co-op experience that NP's kill all opponents.

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