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My past.

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Plenty has occurred since the end of exams (which I hope went ok...I only need 50% for this year...), but first I think it necessary for some back-story of your beloved author.

My name is Matt. Matt currently has no idea what to type. Does he talk about the previous 22 years of his life at length, or just gloss over most of it and focus on the most recent years, those that are fresh in the mind like a...lettuce leaf? My poetical juices ran out there, sorry.
Does he recall the times in his early years when he would wake up in the middle of the night and instead of using the bathroom downstairs, pee out of his bedroom window as he saw it more convenient (to which he owes his parents a sizable apology)? Does he tell you about the time he brought his first girlfriend home from primary school to discover all his teddy bears stuffed cannily into his laundry hamper, concealed from sight (thanks, Mum...)? Or how about when he fractured his hand from punching a wall because somebody stole his pizza. Maybe the time his Dad had to drive him to the train station since he missed his bus and had a twenty five million pound tender to deliver one hundred miles away by noon (thanks, Dad...).

No I shouldn't, because then you will think I'm weird and or stupid.

I grew up in a quiet village, nothing particularly noteworthy save the maypole. I remember quite a lot from my primary school days. I was a rebel, one of the cool kids. In year 5 the teacher noticed my potential was not being reached and got me 'on track' with stickers, a notebook and the like. I became a 'boffin' just in time to move up to 'big school'. I also wear glasses, so this made me a great target for bullying. I started to play the saxophone and piano, using the music room as a refuge from the mayhem that was dinnertime playground shenanigans. I was no longer one of the cool kids. After GCSEs (age 16) I moved on to study A-levels elsewhere, and it is while studying at this school I am introduced to a game by the name of Counter Strike Source. To think if it wasn't for this I probably wouldn't be writing here. I'm still yet to decide if it's a good thing or not. I enjoy the time I spend on the internet, playing games, reading forums, talking in ventrilo, however it is somewhat the ultimate procrastination tool where I am concerned, a point to which my mother is all too aware. So the A-level results were not what was hoped for. I resat the final year of my A-levels only to improve 1 grade. I managed to land a job by fluke on a scheme called 'Year in Industry', the idea being that you work full-time then go to university after the year is out. I didn't apply to university and stayed on working for an extra year. These two years were insightful beyond expectations and so with my gained knowledge I started a course at university. I am currently in the second semester of my first year.

Further blog posts shall cover these 'segments' of my life in more detail.

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    That's how it's done

    Really nice post bud - had me chuckling all the way through and recognising things we share

    I think we need a thread entitled 'Is there anyone here who was a true nerd and DIDN'T get bullied at some point'...... Then again, there doesn't seem much point - it would probably be pretty quiet

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