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Opera Mini

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I have a Blackberry Storm, yes it has its foibles, memory management omg, and is a bit lame next to the iPhone but it does work quite nicely for me.

The default browser is functional but that is all so I thought I would try an alternate and settled on Opera Mini 5 (beta 2). It works on a lot of mobiles though I think it needs java.

Wow what a difference. a very smart little program. I like the Tabbed browsing and the speed-dial and it feels a lot more snappier opening pages. A lot of full browser sites work well but the zoom I found funny, it scrolled smoothly around the page but seemed to zoom in a tad too much. You can get it to recompose pages to fit mobile phones screen sizes better and the site is quite readable but you do need to scroll alot past profile info to see the actual posts. Sites designed for mobile content like render very nicely.

And on the storm the touch works without having to depress the whole screen and I found I wasnt visiting the wrong links at all. I wish it was the default behaviour on the storm, they went a bit overboard having to physically click the screen to get it to register your input, their main reason was it stopped user error. It takes a while to get used to but it is a crappy way to say you are not making a iPhone clone.

I would definatley recommend it if you use any Blackberry phone but can't vouch for smaller screened others. Wondering if I should have a go at its bigger brother

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  1. Jamesy's Avatar
    I may put this on my nokia brick . And I think a mobile skin could be made during easter holidays
  2. Dr.Strangelove's Avatar
    'tis on my much older brick, works a treat
  3. Hawk's Avatar
    Been using it for ages, works great!
  4. Logan's Avatar
    I used it with my last phone - a htc touchscreen erm. spv.
    I completely agree - it's by far the best mobile browser. It's actually pretty decent on our Wii too - although i think that's a different Wii specific version.


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