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mr.brick's weekly question (of the week!) #23

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Last general election in the uk went like this.

Generalizing here but basically the only areas that support the current government are middle and southern england. Considering how much the scots hate the Tories his support here is somewhat lackluster. Especially considering one region of scotland voted for him and he is our leader.

As a conservative leader I don't like or dislike him exceptionally but I don't support his party or policies.

I support Alex Salmond as the political leader of Scotland, whether you are for or against independance of Scotland its a hell of an achievement to get a referendum and let the Scots feel they have an actual say in the matter. Also he got Scotland power to do it's own thing with energy and has been getting a lot more towards renewable.

Helping Trump get planning permission based on the job creation oppertunities in Aberdeen was a bit meh (hindsight is wonderful) but glad he told him where to stick it regarding if wind farms are being built in view of the course.

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