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A new life, a new name. Logan > Colt.

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Adding this post to my Blog here, since it's of personal significance.

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Life has changed alot for me in the last few years. I've started afresh, with a move out of a stressful career and into the calm of the countryside.

The move was prompted by a period of illness brought on by that career, along with a job offer for my wife - which she was keen to accept. We relocated to Cheshire with our dog, Poppy. Life is great up here, although hugely different to our lives in London.

I started gaming under the name Logan about six months ago when I began playing Starcraft II - and have made new friends who have no idea who Colt was. Frankly, neither do I. Life feels new and exciting for me and my family. Whilst I'm not at all certain what the future holds, I am sure of one thing - I'll never be the person I was 10 years ago, when I first started playing online and called myself Colt Seavers.

So, I have taken the decision to ditch Colt: a new life; a complete and fresh start after a long struggle to escape the stresses of the old one.

I wasn't sure whether to change my forum account for fear of confusing people - but I've changed a hell of alot more than my gamer tag over these last couple of years, so in that context, the name change appeals.

I hope it won't cause too much confusion; and I'm not asking anyone to stop calling me Colt (or of course, Mark ) But I do want to move on and leave the past behind me.

The reason I chose Logan is pretty deep and a little dull to explain, so here's a Trailor for one of my favourite Sci-Fi films - Logan's Run - which contains the simple answer. New life and determination.

TL,DR - From now on I will be using the name Logan for all my online gaming activities because I prefer it to Colt and have had a fresh start in all other areas of my life. kthnxbai.

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