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ETF2L Highlander Playstuff vs Lambrini Boys 29 Nov 2011

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Shameless steal from Sloth - his match report of tonight, Excellent write up. Feel free to post it on your own lobg Sloth and i'll delete this one

I also want to mention how the whole Team is a credit to this place - in the face of a terribly Bad Mannered, Flaming team, they kept civil - and beasted.!!!

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The match vs. Lambrini boys was excellent all told. Here are my thoughts on the game, but please remember that: A) playing sniper didn't really get me the best view of all the action all the time; B) we had several class changes due to people dropping, etc., so I'll refer to classes rather than players.

Map 1 - pl_upward

They started on offence after jerking about with spawnkilling and general trashtalking while we waited to ready up. We set up as planned but they blew us apart, capping point 1 with a roll and then pushing through to cap point 2 after only 2 or 3 minutes. Clungineer's internet problems left us without a heavy for large sections of the map and his absence really hurt for those first two points.

We rallied well, however, and stopped their advance dead on the uphill track just before point 3. Good communication and high awareness from everyone on the team meant we held point 3 for a long time, and that continued through to point 4. Eventually they did blow our base to bits, but only after 12 minutes and 45 seconds - an admirable recovery. Knowing we took our practice against KritzKast Ducks in just over 8 minutes gave us a bit of confidence, but it definitely didn't feel like a sure thing.

We changed teams and set up to attack. The first point was a little tricky to clear out but good focus on the cart by the light classes and on clearing out by the heavy classes resulted in a fairly decent cart speed. The story was much the same for the rest of the map and we won in just over 4 minutes or so. A very well played round by everyone, all told, but particular commendation must go to the medic and his pockets. Keeping our medic up and safe from their occasionally-troublesome spy was key on both attack and defence.

Map 2 -cp_gravelpit

We started off defending gravelpit as planned - solid defence on B and a token militia of Apocalypse and Dances on A. Between their scout and spy, however, they managed to prevent a capture at A for a full 3 minutes 58 seconds, due in part to Lambrini Boys' decision to try a full press on B out of the gate. We locked out B leaving them with 1 cap in just under 4 minutes, a time we soundly crushed by an almost instantaneous capture of A when our turn came.

We won the first half of gravelpit so convincingly our opposition virtually conceded defeat and suggested we play the next round 'for fun'. We set up to attack and cleared out their split defence very rapidly, capping A almost instantly, B shortly thereafter, and C almost immediately after that. Our score for our attack section was 3 points in just over 3 minutes.

They did rally a little on their attempt to beat our capture time, securing A quickly and pushing hard against B. We had become a little complacent, but once the shock of their new-found vigour wore off we respawned, regrouped, and successfully barricaded B.

Again, spectacularly well played by everyone, with good calling and excellent teamwork. Hard to pick special commendations for gravelpit because everyone played excellently, but I'm going to give it to Apocalypse and Dances for holding their entire team from capping A for nearly 4 minutes during the first round.

Thanks to everyone, and I very much look forward to watching the Twitch archive and the recast YouTube version.

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    Woo! I feel slightly famous.
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