• Blueprint 005 ~ Friday the 4th of June tweet this

    *Ahem* I'll just leave this here...

    Friday the 4th of July JUNE on the Maplab from 7PM.
    This week we have a couple more great maps from the TF2Maps.net 4th contest alongside a few of our own homegrown maps. We also have a promising payload map from TF2Maps to test out, so clear your Friday schedule of those bothersome social events and get on down to the maplab for some good, (mostly) clean fun with the playstuff peeps.

    Download the map pack now & avoid downloads between maps:
    blueprint map pack 005

    Check the readme in the archive if you're unsure what to do with it.

    Connect to the MapLab now!
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      Yes, ill be late again but there.
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      Bumping for addition of map pack 005. Go download it now peeps!