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    Clearly there is work to be done on CS:GO. Here's a couple of vids from long time CS 1.6 pro Jimmy Whis who talks the most sense on the subject that I have come across. Posting it here with the intention of adding his updates to this article. Alot of us are ex CS players and we want CS:GO to be the best it can be - so lets get involved in feeding back our thoughts, in our usual positive, Playstuff manner.

    and a follow up with a constructive project idea

    Interesting stuff. Post vids you find by CS 1.6 and CSS Pro's and lets inform ourselves on this. I want CS:GO to be a huge sucess - so if we can all inform ourselves better, play the beta, and feedback to Valve/HiddenPath @CSGO_dev then I think we'd be playing a small but valuable part in the shaping of the game to a state that can have us all hooked again on Counter Strike. The only FPS I've ever played that felt like I could never practise enough! High skill ceilings are sadly lacking in current FPS games - and this is our chance to claw back the very thing that drew us to spending 1000s of hours playing Counter Strike - whether that be Source or 1.6.

    For some reason, comments made on this article are not appearing in the Thread that it originates from - we're still getting our heads round the vBCMS so for the time being:
    Please visit the Forum thread to discuss this - I will add informative info into this article as it gets posted on the forum.
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      More vids posted today

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      That first video where he compares b-hopping made me think of this: