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  1. Kill Dashboard App - for OSX. Neatly disables this total waste of Ram.

    A friend of mine posted a really interesting comment on Buzz today - well, interesting for us mac users.
    It was that his dashboard was eating ram and he had made an app to disable it. The Mac Dashboard is a collection of widgets that interact with the web, mini web apps - or, from my perspective, Windows Live Desktop - something I have also always hated with a passion. - so weather, search, feeds, etc).

    A few links were posted to other, fiddly solutions involving hacking the ...
  2. Firefox 3.6 Tweaks

    My first blog post, thought I'd make it a informative.

    Add Ons
    AddBlock Plus - If you do only one thing, do this.
    GreaseMonkey - A per-website-tweaking tool. Find scripts for the sites you want to tweak on

    Options Menu basics
    Tools > Options > Content > Advanced >
    Untick "Move or Resize Windows" and "Disable or Replace Context menus". This will stop websites from messing with your browser window ...
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  3. Netbook running OSX - now that DOES appeal to me!!!

    Whilst I like to think us enlightenned souls on Playstuff embrace all tech and all operating systems, for their various benefits, it hasn't escaped me that access and therefore experience, of OSX, is limited here. We're all gamers after all - and gaming mainstream is windows based and heavily reliant on an OSX incompatible codebase - DirectX.

    I think it's a reasonable position to state a demand that if we pay for an operating system, we should be able to do with it what we like. One ...

    Updated 12-02-2010 at 08:40 by Logan

    Tech and Geekery
  4. A way to stop hackers ? Just maybe

    After getting myself in a mess of frustration and upset after playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, I came up with a possible solution to stop hackers from ruining online gameplay.

    This didn't take me long to think of and if it was so easy for my mind to work this out then why hasn't this been incorporated already ?

    Well now im going to release my cunning plan to you guys so you can now stop fing and blinding at the screen and calling me all sorts of name cause ...

    Updated 12-02-2010 at 03:33 by MiniArma

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  5. COD MW2 FAIL - corporate gaming gets it's first clear lesson .

    ....or, A Community isn't a community without consent - a lesson for corporations seeking to launch a society at the same time as a game!
    Give gamers more freedom over how, when and whom they play with and problems like this fade away.
    Don't ask me - ask the 250+ friends of mine that all make up
    It's endemic on the Xbox360 gaming sites and forums - and it's coming soon to PC.

    As game companies try to shut down our past freedoms to run our own, independent ...

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  6. Playstuff Gmod Racing Event

    Hey there,

    I am currently planning to hold a Garrys Mod racing event on the Playstuff server.

    The event will involved teams of two racers battling with others over the period of an hour to try and total the most laps made at the end of it. The cars are built to be tune able, allowing racers to choose their own settings to give a competitive edge to the races.

    Racers, Assistants and stewards are always needed and do not depend on gmod experience or RolePlay ...
  7. Urls 'n' ting

    Spent a bit of time last night, and this morning when I got home fixing up things back end. Yes, I was backend to fix something that wasn't broken by me 30 seconds previously

    Was fixing something I setup in November. You see, when we lost everything but the Playstuff database I put a new type of backup script that takes the htdocs folder (where websites sit) as well as the database. All round coverage.

    Next I took the vBulletin attatchments, avatars, signatures, ...
  8. Opera Mini

    I have a Blackberry Storm, yes it has its foibles, memory management omg, and is a bit lame next to the iPhone but it does work quite nicely for me.

    The default browser is functional but that is all so I thought I would try an alternate and settled on Opera Mini 5 (beta 2). It works on a lot of mobiles though I think it needs java.

    Wow what a difference. a very smart little program. I like the Tabbed browsing and the speed-dial and ...
  9. HD Video and Linux

    After geting Debian working on the machine where Ubuntu was failing and not destroying it in in the 2 days I have been fiddling with it I have been toying with the idea of using it as a media server and PVR as it has a digital TV card, is quiet and reasonably power efficient to stay on most of the time. The Myth TV setup I will leave for another day.

    I thought that even though I dont have a HDTV I would look into how a Bluray setup could be done on the machine now that the HD wars ...
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  10. Hello world

    I thought I'd make use of this blog spot but couldn't quite decide what to write about. I don't tend to keep abreast of technical happenings, the people at tend to do a good enough job without me getting my hands dirty (thanks chaps and chapettes)! So I come to the only thing I am an expert in: me.

    Yes that's right viewers, another self-glorified blogger is added to the swollen ranks, but wait! This blog should (by my reckoning at least) serve a purpose: to let people ...
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