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  1. Pretty Proud

    Well, Y'all know I like to bring a knife to a gunfight (in BFBC2, anyway).
    So this morning, I totally got my knife Platinum star. Whoo!

    I'm very happy, and clearly I use the knife too much. =D
  2. Open GL 4 announced

    Here's some 'news' that will come as no surprise to those who have been watching the big publishing houses rushing to announce their support for the Mac in future releases.

    Open GL - the cross platform 3D gaming / graphics API that is rapidly taking over from DirectX, has released version 4. This is just in time for the iPad launch and coincides with an apparent acceptance by the big players that closed platform gaming is something of the past.

    It's still going to be ...
  3. Cloud Based Graphic and Audio editting just became a Free reality

    Well, two weeks ago actually - I just forgot to tell you as I've been busy using them

    The tool is Aviary, and here's the website.

    Iframe URL: Show

    It's an amazingly useful service. From quick screen grabs, to annotating, to photo editing or logo creation.
    The image editting tool is amazingly good - layers, support for alpha layers, erm, - i find it better than gimp just because it's so simple.
    Give it a try. Make sure you use it in ...
  4. A Ripple from the Wave : Google Buzz thoughts

    I wrote a blog post this morning on Buzz - rather than on my blog I figure more people will read it that way. Shamelessly linking it in my blog here as I'd love it if more of you would see the potential and engaging qualities of Buzz, and join me there.
  5. JooJoo 12'' touch pad set to put up a fight.

    Hadn't heard of this till today - at $499 it seems a good price. Looking forward to hearing some reviews when it hits the shelves in the US - it's been delayed a few more weeks. It runs on a proprietary operating system - although I suspect that will be a hacked version of linux - we'll have to see. It would be bold of them to release a new device and a totally new build OS at the same time.

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  6. Finished styling my new Blog

    I've set up a personal Blog - not an aggregator this time, but a place I will publish things like new websites i'm working on, tips, geeky news and some life stuff.

    Take a peek and feel free to spam it It's a simple style but i'm pleased with it, it's been a while since i did any css.

    What do you think?

    Updated 22-02-2010 at 20:43 by Logan

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  7. List of [Awesome] Source Mods!

    Here's a list of some Source mods that are out there. Enjoy!

    Jailbreak: Source
    Dinosaurs vs Robots...
    Every time someone dies they get thrown into the opposing teams jail, you can bust them out by hitting the release switch. Watch the trailer, it's awesome.

    A futuristic 'anime' counterstrike like mod. Very popular with a large community.

    Age of Chivalry
    A multiplayer class based Medieval brawler in first person. ...
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  8. Cold, Wet and slightly poorer - but worth it!

    Once again the nutter behind the shutter (holy crap, writing that down for later) has been out. This time to the somewhat ugly town of Yarmouth - sorry Maffu.

    That being said, once the rain stopped I managed to get such colour in the photos I managed to suprise myself:

    Spoiler: Reveal

    Spoiler: Reveal

    My favourite: ...
  9. Night photos!

    Proving why I should have bought a tripod. And brought gloves, now that the feeling in my hands has returned at last

  10. My past.

    Plenty has occurred since the end of exams (which I hope went ok...I only need 50% for this year...), but first I think it necessary for some back-story of your beloved author.

    My name is Matt. Matt currently has no idea what to type. Does he talk about the previous 22 years of his life at length, or just gloss over most of it and focus on the most recent years, those that are fresh in the mind like a...lettuce leaf? My poetical juices ran out there, sorry.
    Does he recall the ...
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