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  1. Humble Indie Bundle - 5 games name your price

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk View Post
    *cough* 6 games now *cough*
    They added Samorost 2!
    Just for the beauty that is Samorost 2 this is worth it
  2. Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 5 - Boylee's folly, Endgame

    Looks like Boylee has moved against Seedy George. Which is good. The only thing I could see that could stand up to an alliance of PS and myself would have been a Seedy George + Boylee alliance. Now they're fighting I think that gifts either me or PS the game.

    I've agreed a non aggression pact with George, which means I can polish off Sero's last world, and then start to move against Jeeva.

    14/04/2010 01:00
    Assault launched against 11 of Jeeva's ...
  3. Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 4 - The fall of The Sero

    Got slightly worried that Sero was taking my invasion badly. He's clarified that he's role playing taking it badly. So that's alright then!

    05/04/2010 20:40
    I think i've got the upper hand on Sero now. Yildun has flipped a couple of times, but I think i've got it now. I've moved some fleets around so now Sero's counter attack is walking into an ambush.

    Postscript has polished off 3agle, and has a fleet of 180 odd ships around the galactic core. ...
  4. Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 3 - Betrayal begets betrayal.

    29/03/2010 20:10

    Bit of an eventful day. Logged in this morning to see a fleet from The Sero descending on Bunda, in breach of our non aggression treaty. Not pleased so ping him an in game mail letting him know that! Then do some maths and evacuate some of the ships back to Al Kaphrah and Sirius leaving enough at Bunda to blunt Sero's fleet.

    The fleet took Bunda as expected, then immediately turned for Denebola which is a bloody odd choice. Sero has no intel on Denebola ...
  5. Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 2 - The fall of Wondwi, and the rise of The Sero!

    Continued on from

    01:15 Confirmed Wondwi is heading for Maia. I hope Postscript logs in and sends his fleet as we've planned. Also spotted a Fletch fleet angling in after being sent packing by the
    sero. It could also potentially hit Wondwi. I'll see in the morning.

    A lot has happened today, though hardly any of it done by me. As predicted Wondwi is buggered. Postscript ...
  6. Neptunes Pride Start Map - Courtesy of Jeeva

  7. Bursar's Neptune's Pride Diary

    Recently 12 intrepid Playstuff members embarked on a quest to conquer a galaxy. The resulting conflict took 5 weeks to play out. The participants were

    Bursar (me)
    The Seedy George
    The Sero

    These are my thoughts throughout the game. The first stage was the race for Maia... the planet at the centre of the Galaxy.
  8. In a Nuttshell! - Review of L4D2 EvilEyes addon campaign

    Nuttmegger presents: In a Nuttshell! - Review of L4D2 EvilEyes addon campaign
    Download Size: 38.5mb, reliable provider (requires Steam tool 'L4D2 addon support to work- 25 min download from steam).

    Artyness: It's a mixture of 65% swamp fever with 25% parish and 10% blood harvest from L4D1. The detail feels a bit sparse at times, and is about 70% of a valve map, I suspect most of this is to streamline the experience and to only include game-play effecting stuff.

  9. Digital Economy Bill

    Sorry for this but...

    This was passed last night in the House of Comons and will get rubber stamped in the House of Lords and be passed into law. It is not the content of the bill that annoyed me but it provenance and its current debate.

    The path of the this Bill into Law and its debate in the Washup before the election is a damning indication of the state of britains politcal process. The Bill was not tabled first in the Commons and was created by Peter Mandelson and ...
  10. Karaoke plugin - requests by complete strangers!

    Couple of days ago we've had a complete stranger to the Playstuff community requesting to use the Karaoke SourceMod plugin I'd written (see:
    Believe it or not, it is the first time I've had a complete stranger requesting some software I'd written

    I'm really pleased that apparently we are creating stuff that is useful too to different people than members of our community. ...
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