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  1. Incredibly late Neptune's Pride Game 2 Blog Part 1

    I meant to blog this ages ago, but procrastinated heavily and have just stumbled across the notes I made at the time (nearly a year ago!!!!!).

    I think game 2 highlighted the biggest weakness of the Neptune's Pride format which is a tipping point can be reached where the eventual victor is guaranteed, but the game will still take days/weeks to play out. For this reason I think lots of people lost interest towards the end (including me!)

    In game we had Bursar, Honsou, ...
  2. The Subtle Spamfest

  3. Fan Art

    It's not a 'humble' thing, I just don't understand it.

    TF2 is a game I play. It was made by other people and I love it. It took many years to create and the guys behind it desearve all the love and affection that the world has for them. The little podkast we do, once a week, is really just a bunch of TF2 fanboys chatting. That's it. So when people do great things like Two monkey's fan art I'm forced into this wierd feeling of deflection. It's not like we have any fans, we're just ...

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  4. Sweat and Steel - May 10th, 1257

    May 10th - Spent time in Rhodok lands, hired some recruits to train as spearmen. Force of a good size now, well practiced at dealing with troops of brigands. Archers very effective and tough nordic infantry excellent in melee.

    May 15th - Made substantial profit trading in smoked fish and grain, travelling from Rhodok lands to Khergit steppes. Good route. Hired additional swords - Baheshtur, a Khergit, and Artimenner an experienced engineer.

    May 25th - Won tournament ...
  5. Sweat and Steel - April 1st, 1257

    April 4th - Almost ran out of funds. Not enough Denars to cover full wages of men, promised extra when we reach Ichamur. Curious city: owned by the Nords, but clearly a conquest as it is nowhere near the Nordic territories. Jarl Tonju rules it, a Khergit defector? No matter, he has bounty hunting mission.

    April 10th - Won tournament at Bariyye, a Sarranid city. First time seeing the desert, amazing place. Unable to find any bandits.

    April 15th - Joined by spoilt noble's ...
  6. Sweat and Steel - March 26th, 1257

    March 26th - Terrible fortune. Disaster haunts me, perhaps. Travelling to the lands of the Nords, we were set upon by Swadian men at arms. Deserters presumably, they attacked without mercy, with my lightly armed recruits standing no chance against the heavy knights. Some of us were taken prisoner, presumably to be ransomed as I had ransomed some of the kidnappers. Ironic, perhaps, but I would not stand for it and in the night I escaped. I fled to the prosperous village of Mechin.


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  7. Sweat and Steel - March 23, 1257

    March 23rd - Arrived in Calradia upon merchant vessel. Bartered transport inland on trading caravan heading to Reyvadin, in the lands of the Vaegir. Cold. Have little in the way of equipment - hunting crossbow, rusty sword (should have taken better care whilst at University), old shield I bought from a caravan guard. Have little in the way of funds, but managed to acquire a horse. Not a very good one, but it'll do. I hope it doesn't eat much.

    Set upon by thief whilst exploring Reyvadin.

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  8. Sweat and Steel - A Mount and Blade Blog

    What's this, a blog? Yes! I purchased Mount and Blade Warband to feed my hidden desire to be a dark ages warlord, and aim to play through whilst keeping an in-character journal of my exploits. Perhaps it'll be terrible. Perhaps not! Perhaps I'll get captured and spend several months in a brutal Swadian prison camp.


    Our lands were small, and our fortunes declined. Yet my family had a proud history; we fought and died in the name of our king, ...
  9. Holiday Bandwagon jumping

    Heading back home to oz for 3 weeks and it will be the first time back in 3 years.

    Not looking forward to the flight but am to seeing family and friends and the wedding I will be attending. Also the weather, nice 25 - 30 degree days. Ill try not too feel sorry for you Northerners.

    Will try and keep you posted of the tough days lying on the beach.
  10. Holiday soon.... South Africa and Mozambique!

    Basically I am away for the complete month of November, as I'm having a 4 weeks holiday.
    Going with a mate to South Africa and Mozambique!

    Things to visit:
    * Johannesburg
    * Kruger Park area
    * South west Mozambique for diving (my mate has diving license)
    * Swaziland area
    * back to Johannesburg

    Too bad I met my gf only 2 months ago and so she will not go with me...
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