Everybody loves a good story.

The story with me is quite simple. Iím just here to uncover the dirt. To wipe away the make-up and expose the grime underneath for what it truly is.

Now, the story of the city is a different beast altogether. There is a lot going on in this city that you canít see.

So, when somebody turns up dead in the middle of night, face down in the reeking gutter while the neon signs of the casino across the street sputter desperately to stay alight in the mist, somebody has to figure out the exact details.

You see, the people youíll meet out and about, theyíre still just petty crooks, crooked cops, copycats and catastrophes like myself.

Only they have a gift. Something legendary, the stuff of stories, living inside of them and they can do impossible things.

The thing is, nobody remembers what these people can do. Except for others like them.

Like me.

I donít know what I am.

There are times when I feel like drinking myself into a stupor and never loving another living person ever again as much as I loved him.

Then there are times when I feel as if the thunderstorms themselves are at my command, cracking the sky wide open with the power to rend asunder anybody who stands in the way of me or my hammer.

And thereís the times when one of my associates bites the dust only to come back to life the very next day, or the times when another one of my partners calls upon the djinn inhabiting this old oil lamp and can wish for whatever his heart desires.

Remember when I said the story with me is quite simple?

I lied. Just like the city lies.

I donít know what I am.

Iím here to find out.

And if that doesnít make for a good story, I donít know what will.



Hi all!

Itís me again. Iím looking for a group of 3-4 other players to play the amazing RPG City of Mist with me! There is nothing set yet as to the frequency of play, since Iím currently in the process of hunting for a job here in Leeds.I am thinking every other week, but the days of the week would have to be a little fluid. Those details can wait, however.

City of Mist is a roleplaying game in which every character walks a fine line between being a regular person with a family to care for and a job to keep, and a being out of legends and fables, with all the awesome powers and characteristics that come with the territory.

Itís a detective noir RPG with a coat of mythical paint. Youíll be investigating strange happenings in the city, solve mysterious crimes, put a stop to insidious plans or spy on a shady corporation. All to hopefully learn more about the myth living inside you along the way, creeping under your skin, dying to get out.

But when your regular life calls, do you answer? Thereís a desk out there with your name on it, a family to feed, your favourite car to fix, your whole identity as an incredible hacker to uphold. Will you let that all slide on your hunt for answers?

Thatís what City of Mist is. A super-powered detective thriller about ordinary people with legendary powers.

If that doesnít make for a good story, I donít know what will.

I hope you guys will join me for this amazing ride.