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Thread: The Patch Report:

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    The Patch Report:

    Time for a brief rundown of the main changes in this week's patch.

    Well, there are a lot of fairly big things here! Where do I start?

    Spectator mode is out! So that's cool. You can spectate games that people on your friends list are playing by right clicking on them when you're in the LoL lobby. Can't wait to try this out, to be honest. Although now that means I won't be able to derp around as much as normal...

    There are a couple of minor tweaks to the LoL client - including a useful feature that prevents you buying more runes than you can use (say, 10 seals when you can only use 9). It's a nice touch.

    There are a whole host of champion changes as well! Quite a few buffs, it seems to me. Ryze, Annie, Irelia, Yi - the list goes on. You can check the link above to see which champions get what, but it's worth mentioning that Ryze in particular has had his numbers changed quite a lot. Probably for the better! There are also the usual bug fixes.

    Items have also seen quite a few tweaks - mainly of relevance to mages. Deathfire Grasp is now more attractive to people who don't use mana (Vlad, Akali), and Morello's Evil Tome could be seen on supports who want a touch more damage with their ability spam (Soraka, Alistar, Sona). Will of the Ancients had the numbers reduced, which is reasonable. Sunfire Cape does more damage (still not really as good as Randuin's Omen though...).

    There were a couple of other bug and tool-tip fixes, and some AI changes to bots to make them slightly less stupid in a couple of cases.
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    Re: The Patch Report:

    Spectator mode is indeed a very cool addition - long overdue (though not by Blizzard standards )


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