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Thread: How to enable Right Click Attack on your own creeps

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    How to enable Right Click Attack on your own creeps

    I've found it much easier to deny creeps from the enemy by enabling Right Click Attack - avoiding the need to press A every time you want to attack your own creeps.

    Simply paste the following line into console when you load Dota2
    dota_force_right_click_attack 1
    Incidentally, to enable console for Dota2: everyone should do this as it allows you to view detailed stats on the game once it's over.

    You do this by right clicking Dota2 in your steam library and clicking Properties>Set Launch Options and adding
    , to bring up the console in game, simply press `

    Incidentally, if someone knows how to get an autoexec file working for Dota 2, post here please - I've googled and the solutions I found don't seen to work for me.
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