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Thread: pl_clifftop

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    Re: pl_clifftop

    Quote Originally Posted by Boylee View Post
    Thanks for all the love guys, you guys have been instrumental in making clifftop happen, so thank you all for getting it this far. x
    As I see it, you're giving thanks for giving us tailored suits, honestly, it's my pleasure.

    "Do you want a map which plays really well to the way you and all your friends enjoy playing this game?"
    "Do you want to have other community members involved in it's creation and be able to give input with regular testing sessions to see how it works?"
    "That...sounds really good"
    "Would you like it to be drop-dead gorgeous and become one of your favourite maps"
    "Well now, that would be swell"

    Thanks for making it.
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    Re: pl_clifftop

    Looks like it's being pretty well received!

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    Re: pl_clifftop

    We've been playing quite a lot of Clifftop on TriggerHappyGamers server since beta3 came out, we tend to vote it on most evenings.

    I need a little more time on it to be able to give useful feedback I think, but generally it's working out to be a lot of fun and looks great!

    Are you working on it actively at the moment, Boylee?

    (If anyone fancies joining us for a game, the THG server info is HERE)
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