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Thread: I visited DICE, played BF3 and wrote some words!

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    I visited DICE, played BF3 and wrote some words! the end of August I visited DICE, played Battlefield 3 and saw Operation Guillotine before the rest of the world. I wrote quite a few words on this for the website that invited me a long, VG247, a UK gaming news blog.

    Battlefield 3 VG247 community impressions: Colin’s take

    Feel free to ask me anything about it

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    Re: I visited DICE, played BF3 and wrote some words!

    I am jelly.

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    Re: I visited DICE, played BF3 and wrote some words!


    How does the game stack up compared to other FPS games' single player campaigns you've played? It's pretty much DiCE's first try at a proper SP campaign, not including the Bad Company games, which were so-so, does that show? or is it right up there with the best of them?
    Also, as it's trying to take on the console market rather heavily, does it's single player/co-op seem as though it can really get a foot in the door compared to other games that do that rather well on console (Gears of War, Killzone, Halo etc)?

    One last question, did you play any Multiplayer, if so, what noticeable bugs did you see and what platform was it on? (Just so I can compare to the Alpha to judge how it's coming along )
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    Re: I visited DICE, played BF3 and wrote some words!

    Did you tell them not to forget about important minor details like a functioning server browser ala BC2
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