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I have never blogged before and am thinking of blogging about about some of the IT problems or challanges I face at work.

I follow a SBS blog and she made a post about how the blog helps her document to herself problems she faces so i thought I may follow suit.

You may not need what I am going to document and find its contents a bit dry but I hope you enjoy it and hopefully some of it may be of use.

Some of the IT blogs I follow. - very good software dev blog - Mac might like as she is a mini enthusiast

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    Looking forward to it

    I'd agree - from my experience 'life blogging' with AudioBoo - it was a good way to document stuff - helped me alot - blogging is definitely not just about writing or producing media for others - it can be cathartic and useful.

    That said - yours sounds like i'm going to enjoy reading it, being a sucker for anything in tech


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