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Incredibly late Neptune's Pride Game 2 Blog Part 1

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I meant to blog this ages ago, but procrastinated heavily and have just stumbled across the notes I made at the time (nearly a year ago!!!!!).

I think game 2 highlighted the biggest weakness of the Neptune's Pride format which is a tipping point can be reached where the eventual victor is guaranteed, but the game will still take days/weeks to play out. For this reason I think lots of people lost interest towards the end (including me!)

In game we had Bursar, Honsou, Wondwi, Fletch, 3agle, Almightybob, Awesome-o, Overload, Damnation, Launch, NeoX and Postscript. Sadly I don't have a map screenshot. If anyone has one stashed away please post it up.

04/05/2010 22:00
Oh crap, i'm in the middle of everyone. This is unlikely to end well, given that I think people might be gunning for me as I won the first game.
Well... i'm not going down without a fight. Expansion fleets are away, a science station is plonked down and speed research lined up. Mails dropped to Honsou and Wondwi about tech trading and also a mail to Fletch about a border. He's also in the middle so hopefully we can come to a non aggression agreement.
Plan is to pump economy massively over the next 2 days or so and then get some strategic forgeworlds up and pumping out ships.

05/05/2010 22:00
First wave of planetfall due in about 4 hours or so. Early research leader looks to be Overload with a tech of 4, but I think he may have gimped his economy and industry. Border agreed with Fletch. Honsou up for being a trading partner. I've pushed tech to 3, but got an economy lead.
As i'm in the middle I need to knock out one of the flank people quickly if i'm going to have a realistic chance of doing well. Most likely candidates at this stage is either 3agle or AlmightyBob.

07/05/2010 09:30
Expansion going reasonably well. I have economic lead, which I can hopefully exploit before the wolves descend. I need the world Algol to avoid getting boxed in, and i'm potentially in a race with Awesome-o to get it.
I've mailed him in game suggesting an agreed border, but he's not responded as yet. I have no idea if he's dispatched a fleet for it or not. Either way, i'm pretty much going to have to fight over it or my expansion comes to a grinding halt.

Awesome-o agrees to my border proposition so it looks like Algol will be mine. This opens up a lot of planets south, especially as Overload who's down there looks to be a bit slow claiming territory.
Traded engines for weapons with Honsou. He's researching range next as he's pretty isolated in a corner, and we've agreed a trade as and when he completes it.
I have agreed to sell engines to NeoX for $75 after payday, which is great. I've also offered Damnation and Launch weapons for cash. We'll see if either go for it.
I'm clear economic leader at the moment and am competitive in industry and science. This is going to make me a target I think. Still, better than being weak and rolled up. I'm going to need to get some forge worlds churning ships out. Algol will also be a key world to keep as it's my only route to the galactic west.
Borders with Bob and 3agle taking shape. I'm convinced one of these will be my first target, but timing will be everything. Neither are looking weak.

Depressingly Algol is a rubbish world, so reinforcing it will be tricky.

08/05/2010 12:40
Damnation and Lauch appear to be having some border skirmishes. Can't tell how serious it is at this time. Possibly also 3agle and Postscript clashing

06/05/2010 02:20
Wars look to be breaking out, but none affecting me so far. NeoX and Awesome-o look to be clashing in addition to the other ones. Got engines off of awesome-o in a trade for scanners.

10/05/2010 19:25
Expansion still going ok, but peaceful expansion will be ending shortly. Overload has a fleet on the way to one of my worlds, but I think that's probably more based on the fact it was uninhabited when his fleet set off.
Honsou is refusing trade at this point claiming he has had alternate offers, and suggesting I look to my borders... Interesting.
I've pinged mails to all my neighbours proposing non aggression treaties apart from Bob, who I have a strong fleet near anyway. We'll see how many, if any respond.
Fingers crossed I don't succumb to early leader syndrome....

11/05/2010 19:05
Only 2 people had speed at the time Honsou got it. Lo and behold Almightybob gets Range shortly after. Soooo if Honsou was being straight it's Bob that's warmongering. Or possibly Honsou's just stirring.
Bob's worried about my 100 strong fleet near his border. I mention the Honsou conversation and he's convincing when he says he doesn't know anything about planning an invasion... but then he would say that.... hmmmmmmm.
I'm reluctant to attack first... not while I have the advantage in Industry and Economy. The longer this lasts the more formidable I will be. As soon as wars start the advantage starts to crack.
Plan is to build up an overwhelming fleet, that can then quickly swamp people, or fight off an attack.

14/05/2010 13:00
Not much has happened so i'm shaking it up a bit with a minor invasion of Bob. Honsou has expanded rapidly in the corner now he has range tech, and he's going to be a big threat. Postscript and 3agle are at war. Looking at the stats I can't help but think Postscript will win that fight in the end unless someone else intervenes.
At this point I needed to expand and Bob is the logical target.

First of Bob's worlds taken. It gives me a good view of his territory and I can see his main fleet moving up. It's about 200 ships strong so definitely a threat. I'm hoping he impetuously attacks because then I can deal with it. If he holds up in a defensive position then this is going to get complicated. I have two flanking fleets that can romp around if he holds position, otherwise my main fleet plus + reserves should be enough to grind his battlefleet down if he goes offensive.

That's the plan anyway...

So far Fletch, Honsou and Postscript look the strongest opponents with Bob and Wondwi as the dark horses. Hopefully I'll be able to take Bob out of that equation.

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