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44 Inch Chest

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My girlfriend managed to get tickets to a preview sceening of 44 Inch Chest last night. It had a Q&A session wiht Ray Winstone, John Hurt and David Scinto (one of the writers and they were responsible for Sexy Beast which I have not seen). Should not be any spoilers butI might write more about its themes later.

The Film
Quite a difficult and complex film really about a man, Colin, who's wife left him and his reaction to the situation with the help of his friends. A very real journey through the emotions of a person betrayed. The dialogue has a rather large amount of profane language, why end a sentence on a full stop when you can end it with 'Cunt'!. It is a male dominated picture with Colin's friends egging him on to right the wrongs against him by taking vengance on the lover and his wife with most of the scenes in one claustrophobic room.

Very funny and disturbing at the same time with all the cast having excellent dialougue to work with. I would definatley recommend a look.

The QA session
Never been to one of these for a film before and it was a enjoyable experience with the 3 men being quite talkative about the picture. Jon Hurt was especially a please to see and hear in the flesh and you could see he really enjoyed playing his character. The questions from the audience were answered with good humour and they had a great repoir with each other. The session was recorded so I will try and dig it up.

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    Sounds like an interesting film. I love John Hurt too Will keep an aye out.


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