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It's not a 'humble' thing, I just don't understand it.

TF2 is a game I play. It was made by other people and I love it. It took many years to create and the guys behind it desearve all the love and affection that the world has for them. The little podkast we do, once a week, is really just a bunch of TF2 fanboys chatting. That's it. So when people do great things like Two monkey's fan art I'm forced into this wierd feeling of deflection. It's not like we have any fans, we're just a channel for TF2's fans to put their energy into.

I don't want to appear ungreatful, we do love the attention and affection, but at the end of then day we're just a bunch of blokes. The conversation we had with Colt a while back is the best example of that. Here's us, a bunch of blokes with mics, chatting to a man who's entire adult gaming life has been devoted to facilitating others' talents into fantastic group efforts. He's a man you should make art for.

We just don't know when to shut up.

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BTW Agro I have some KK fanart I made ages ago and never showed anyone.

First up an ingame spray:

And two more entries in my never ending series of 'stuff from today portrayed as cheap seventies paperbacks':
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