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Sweat and Steel - May 10th, 1257

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May 10th - Spent time in Rhodok lands, hired some recruits to train as spearmen. Force of a good size now, well practiced at dealing with troops of brigands. Archers very effective and tough nordic infantry excellent in melee.

May 15th - Made substantial profit trading in smoked fish and grain, travelling from Rhodok lands to Khergit steppes. Good route. Hired additional swords - Baheshtur, a Khergit, and Artimenner an experienced engineer.

May 25th - Won tournament at Reyvadin, reaped excellent prize money as well as savvy bets placed on self. Rolling in money, but it'll soon go. Wages of troops now around 500 denars a week. Met various Boyars and the king of the Vaegirs King Yaroglek himself - excellent man. .

May 20th - On a whim, joined Yaroglek's campaign against the Swadians as a mercenary. This looks like a good way to gain prestige and funds. My force is smaller than most of the other lords, but my men are well trained and we can move fast.

May 23rd - Siege of Tilbault. Bloody work. Came through it wounded but alive, same as the men. Successfully retook the castle from Swadian hands, now armed with a strong Vaegir garrison, but no lord has been assigned the fief yet. I wonder who will receive it. Favourite is the cousin of the Marshal.

May 24th - Bounty hunting whilst waiting for next offensive. Raiding villages not to my taste. .

May 25h - Tilbault castle assigned to Boyar Racha. Fought group of tundra bandits with Boyar Druli, rescued various prisoners.

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