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Sweat and Steel - April 1st, 1257

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April 4th - Almost ran out of funds. Not enough Denars to cover full wages of men, promised extra when we reach Ichamur. Curious city: owned by the Nords, but clearly a conquest as it is nowhere near the Nordic territories. Jarl Tonju rules it, a Khergit defector? No matter, he has bounty hunting mission.

April 10th - Won tournament at Bariyye, a Sarranid city. First time seeing the desert, amazing place. Unable to find any bandits.

April 15th - Joined by spoilt noble's son. Presumably can fight - I wonder if he'll be any use. Fingers crossed he doesn't get hassled by the men too much. Current forces stand at 29, roughly half vaegir archers and the other half nordic infantry. Seems like a good number for a mercenary company.

Also acquired new horse - a hardy steppe pony. Much better for maneuvering around the battlefield.

April 20th - Spent time in Rhodok lands. Hunted down groups of looters for a guildmaster in Veluca, reasonably well paid. Asked by Lord Falsevor of Ibdeles castle to raid Sarranid villages, apparently he isn't happy with the newly-minted peace. Declined - not worth the risk, and I have no obligation to help his schemes. Also Rhodoks not powerful enough to risk angering Sarranids over.

April 30th - Hunted down groups of thieves for Guildmasters of Veluca and Yalen. Good training.

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