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Sweat and Steel - March 23, 1257

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March 23rd - Arrived in Calradia upon merchant vessel. Bartered transport inland on trading caravan heading to Reyvadin, in the lands of the Vaegir. Cold. Have little in the way of equipment - hunting crossbow, rusty sword (should have taken better care whilst at University), old shield I bought from a caravan guard. Have little in the way of funds, but managed to acquire a horse. Not a very good one, but it'll do. I hope it doesn't eat much.

Set upon by thief whilst exploring Reyvadin. Good start. Ended him promptly, remembering my old bladework. A local trader observed the encounter, and proposed a small venture. Brother kidnapped by bandits (apparently rife in the region) and wants me to put together a group of men to hunt down bandits and rescue brother. Rode around nearby villages, managed to rope together a dozen or so recruits from bored or hungry villagers.

March 24th - Reported to merchant, who gave directions to woods where recent ambush took place. Set upon half a dozen bandits, and dealt with them sternly. Admittedly, victory was assured due to my recruits outnumbering the rogues substantially. Captured two, intend to sell to ransom broker. Allowed another to leave after informing about location of main bandit hideout - apparently will have to sneak in through valley floor to avoid being spotted. Appropriated some armour - furs of the sort worn by tundra nomads.

Attacked kidnapper's hideout near village of Ulburban. Cold. Tundra is foul land. Short, bloody fight with no losses on my side. Vaegir are a tough people. Rescued brother of merchant and was presented with reward; successful endeavour, with more to come, I predict.

March 25th - Interesting development - merchant blames captain of the guard in Reyvadin for recent attacks by brigands. Apparently the captain is involved with criminals and citizens in town are ready to riot, sieze him and present to the King in chains. Sounds risky, but I agree to help. Fingers crossed we succeed.

Partial success. Ousted the captain, but merchant was asked to leave by King Yaroglek for instigating a breach of the peace, very unfortunate I thought. None of my men were seriously injured, which is good.

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