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Sweat and Steel - A Mount and Blade Blog

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What's this, a blog? Yes! I purchased Mount and Blade Warband to feed my hidden desire to be a dark ages warlord, and aim to play through whilst keeping an in-character journal of my exploits. Perhaps it'll be terrible. Perhaps not! Perhaps I'll get captured and spend several months in a brutal Swadian prison camp.


Our lands were small, and our fortunes declined. Yet my family had a proud history; we fought and died in the name of our king, and had long served as advisors and chancellors for the royal line. As a child, I roamed over the hills and moors of our domain, reliving the battles of old and avoiding my tutors. I little heeded the problems our house faced, the mounting debts and the struggles amongst the nobility, and was eventually sent away to study at a University - an alien world. I learned of history and philosophy, medicine and sciences, alongside the joys of student life: brawling, drinking and wenching.

The theft of our lands came as a sudden and crushing betrayal. My family imprisoned for supposed crimes, I was forced to flee the University in disguise. Thus I came to Calradia, a country torn by war, hoping to lose myself in the chaos. I would bide my time, gather resources and men and eventually return to wreak a terrible revenge. This is the journal of Maksim Hervolt.

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