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A Week Working Out

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Sup guys, it's been a week now since I first started working out. Soreness is gone, thank god. The first 2 work outs were hell for soreness, but now I barely feel it. I've gone to the gym four times now, and I no longer dread doing so! Which is actually a very good thing. Just some stats:

Weight - Beginning: 45lbs, As Of 9/20: 65lbs
Bench Press
Weight- Beginning: 45lbs, As Of 9/18: 65lbs
Inverted Rows
Reps- Beginning: 5, As of 9/18: 6
Push Ups
Reps- Beginning and As of 9/18: 2
Overhead Press
Weight- Beginning: 45lbs, As of 9/20: 45lbs
Dead Lift
Weight- Beginning: 45lbs, As of 9/20: 95lbs
Pull Up
Reps- Beginning and As of 9/20: 0

Beginning: 161lbs
As of 9/20: 166 lbs

I'm a little upset I can't do a single pull up. I've tried but they seem to be entirely impossible to me. I need to find out if they have rubber bands I can use. Weight for bar bell exercises have gone up on most of them, except for Overhead Press primarily as a concern for my safety. I've felt like I've almost dropped it on myself a couple times, and any heavier than an empty bar (which is 45lbs) I think I might do lasting damage. I'll wait until I feel entirely comfortable with 45lbs. Other than that, the experience so far hasn't been too bad. Saturday's workout was interrupted by an emotional phone call, but I tried to finish it up in my dorm room.

I haven't really noticed any difference yet in anyway. Physically or otherwise, but it's only been a week so I should give it some time. Here's my week update photo next to the one taken last tuesday:

Left is last week, right is this week.

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  1. awesome-o's Avatar
    You can see it in the arms a bit. And for pull ups, i suggest not doing them till you can actually lift your own weight. So try boosting your Biceps and your Musculus rectus abdominis. I actually made a training program for Lift ups last years school. Well not exactly lift ups, but hanging. Though you use the same muscles. I'll try to translate it.

    AWESOME-O's awesome lift up training

    This training consists of three exercises.

    I: Basic biceps training with dumbells
    II: Training your Musculus rectus abdominis PASSIVELY
    III: Lift ups

    So basicly you want to train this three times a week.
    But first i'll explain how to train your Musculus rectus abdominis PASSIVELY.
    You want to lay down on the ground with your back to the ground.
    Now you lift your upper back and your legs about 10 centimeters high. So that you are sitting only with your ass on the ground.
    So lets say 3 training days a week:
    day 1:
    Exercise I&II
    day 2:
    Exercise 1&II
    day 3:
    Exercise II&III

    This increased my hang time for about 300% and i'm not sure how much it did for my partner. However the most important is, that after i followed my own trainingsprogramm for 6 weeks i went from 0 pushups till a full set of pushups.
    Sorry for my not so described programm, gotta run, working on a chocolate cake ohnomnonmo
  2. MacNetron's Avatar
    for Europeans:

    166 pounds = 75.2963334 kilograms

    Basically, that is the weight I want to have. I was 83 kg (183 lbs) the last time I measured. And in 2009, it was 93 kg / 205 lbs.
    But according to my gf, the only fat I have now is the belly
    So if I get my weight below 80kg, I am a happy chappy.
  3. midget31394's Avatar
    I'm "bigger" and have been looking to go to the gym, but I don't know if it's worth the hassle. I play rugby so I know I have power (I have no fat on my legs, and calves like tree trunks) but I lack any upper body strength and I have quite a bit of belly fat. Would you say going to the gym has it's benefits for losing weight? I've been thinking about cycling/running instead because it would be cheaper than forking out a membership :L
  4. Leminnes's Avatar
    I've always been skinny, midget, but I am POSITIVE going to the gym helps lose weight. That and cardio exercise helps a lot.
  5. Post Script's Avatar
    When building muscle mass the idea is fewer reps on highest possible weights, if your muscles hurt like hell the next day (or 2 days after as is usually the case with me), then you're doing it right. The right diet will help to alleviate these symptoms (but will also make you shit your guts out). The idea is basically to tear as much muscle fiber as possible so it grows back bigger and in most cases stronger. It sounds crude but 'no pain, no gain' really is the maxim for bodybuilding.


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