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Having Issues

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So, I'm having a few issues. I left my gym clothes at home, and they don't allow blue jeans in the gym. So... yeah. Also, my bicycle's tire is screwed, it popped somehow, I'm not sure, and I don't have the money to fix it. However, I won't give up! I have some shorts I can use in the downstairs gym and, as Bob said, I'll be swimming as well. I'll start running when it gets a bit cooler.

My good camera is also a bit screwed right now. I forgot my card reader at home too and the card I have here is corrupt or something so I can't use it. BUT I have an older camera that I'll be using. I'm incredibly shy about my body, so all of you better be stand up people and not make me scurry away like a scared hamster.

Here's my first progress pic. Skinny awkward me.

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Updated 25-08-2010 at 18:17 by Leminnes

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  1. Hawk's Avatar
    Awwwwwkwaaaard! (That could be my chest though )
  2. Leminnes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk
    Awwwwwkwaaaard! (That could be my chest though )
  3. Boylee's Avatar
    Good on you mate and good luck. I also second the swimming recommendation.
  4. Hawk's Avatar
    So how has this been going, haven't heard much from it for a while!


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