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Pics from Perth

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Found a video I did a while back of some snaps for my last trip home to perth set to some You Am I, an Oz band

Mates, Flowers, beaches, brewing beer, family snaps mostly of my niece and some of my uncles art work.

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  1. Jamesy's Avatar
    I haven't watched it yet, just about to go afk but god damn the pic for the video still is making me hungry.
  2. SleeperService's Avatar
    hehe it was a burger that was basically a full sized fish and chips piece of fish
  3. Jamesy's Avatar
    That's it I'm getting a bag of crisps or something, I'm starving - and jealous.
  4. Agro's Avatar
    I take it the art work is the fishies on the wall? If I were to want to get one of them where would I have to go? He got a gallery on-line or at a physical location?
  5. SleeperService's Avatar
    He doesn't sell them online but here is the website. There are contact details on the site. Some of them I think are excellent but Im probably biased and lucky enough to see him work when I get back to oz.

    He retired and one day woke up and had a compulsion to draw fish, after a while it morphed into the wall sculpture he does now.


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