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Over 9000

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It's hard to say the exact moment when Mild Mannered Agro turns into The Incredible Balk but it's usually about the time that someone uses a meme as a defence. This was the case when I managed to corner one of the growing band of VGN imposters.

Our Clan isn't all that particular about who we let become recruits. Despite all the show and bustle surrounding the move from recruit to full member, all that boils down to is showing up enough and being seen to be taking part, without insulting too many people. Yet dispite this we still have people who decide to forgo the hassle and chance of rejection associated with applying and simply tag-up.

I'll admit, I've made the mistake myself, back in my n00b days, so whenever we see people doing it to us we usually start with a quiet word, progress to a quiet prod then finish off with a quiet whack on the back of their head.

If they are wearing your clan tags then that's a good reason to suspect they want to be "in" your clan. So offer them access through the usual channel. If they refuse, *sigh* they are just trolling. If they then invoke a meme and try to lay offence on your mother, well then it's time to ban them from your servers.

..And if after all of that they are still wearing your tags... well then you start asking the clans you frequent to ban them too. Nothing in this world is more satisfying than knowing a there's one less idiot pissing in the community swimming pool.

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    It's a tricky line to tread. For sure. Here, we simply take it on a case by case basis - always down to specific and direct community admin encounter / experience.

    I know many who, whilst maybe not new to gaming, were new to the 'adult world' of 'friendly' gaming, when they first encountered communities i've represented. I've seen these folks banned from communities on many occasions. Often, at some point later, the odd one returns - either to the same community or a fresh one, and it's heartening to see that they've learned etiquette and sense from the encounter. It's maybe more difficult if they try to return to the same one they learned their lesson in though.
  2. Hawk's Avatar
    It's a good thing there are quite some people who do respect the tags. I've seen quite some members who asked me if they could use the .ps tag, which they of course could.

    But I do understand your position. You can't do much about someone using your tags, trolling everywhere. You can ban them from your servers, but you can't guarantee he'll not continue using your tags and giving the clan a bad name.
    But as Colt says, hopefully they'll learn once and they'll probably eventually feel the same as you do.


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