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Another great podkast...

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... from the team who brought you kritzkast and 2girls1game and ....?

This isn't (just) a trolling session. I was thinking that we're missing a bunch of other podkasts from our collection.

Which is where you lot come in. If you recon you can handle the pressure of talking into a mic with a bunch of people once a week, or so. Editing it down to something reasonable that someone other than your mum may want to listen to then you should send us an e-mail at or find me (Agro) on steam.

Your podkast can be on pretty much anything, so long as it's game related. To give you a few ideas:
  • A Genre of gaming
  • FPS games in general
  • RTS games in general
  • MMO games in general
  • RPG games in general
  • one specific game
  • one specific studio
  • one aspect of gaming
  • modding /map making
  • game production
  • Consoles
  • Wii
  • PS3
  • XBox360
  • PC
  • OSX
  • Retro Gaming

Just be sure that it's something you love doing, so much so that even after a really shit week you can still pull yourself up to the mic to chat along with everyone else.

Even if it's just you and your idea we still want to see/hear what you got.

Okay, troll over.

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  1. Hawk's Avatar
    Ah, I love anything but talking over a mic
  2. Agro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk
    Ah, I love anything but talking over a mic
    Amazing how many people feel that way. I guess if you're cool to chat in game that's enough an idea that podcasting is a possibility for you. If you need to be coaxed into saying "boo" to a goose, it may not be your thing


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