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Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 5 - Boylee's folly, Endgame

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Looks like Boylee has moved against Seedy George. Which is good. The only thing I could see that could stand up to an alliance of PS and myself would have been a Seedy George + Boylee alliance. Now they're fighting I think that gifts either me or PS the game.

I've agreed a non aggression pact with George, which means I can polish off Sero's last world, and then start to move against Jeeva.

14/04/2010 01:00
Assault launched against 11 of Jeeva's worlds... expand or die etc etc

Assault on Jeeva going well. Sero has been finished off. PS is still moving against Awesome-o and Boylee and George are at loggerheads. I'm pretty sure PS is going to hit Boylee once Awesome-o is wiped out.

Have had comms from both Boylee and George. I'm hoping they'll sign a ceasefire and move against PS. That may just be wishful thinking at this point... if it happens though then I think i'm a lock. At some point in the last day or two George has wiped out the last world of Damnation.

PS is moving against Boylee. Will be interesting to see how Boylee responds, and also how Seedy George responds. Does he stay on Boylee or move against PS...?

15/04/2010 19:25
PS has taken Wondwi out and Awesome-o not far behind. Boylee appears to have given up facing attacks from both George and PS.
Jeeva has started some counter manouvers against me which is annoying. Only question now is whether or not to hit PS... and if so when?

17/04/2010 13:55
Jeeva down to 3 worlds now. I've started picking off some of Boylee's as well.
Top 3 is going to be me, PS and George unless something very odd happens.
PS has the weapons advantage, I have the numbers and speed advantage. I've also got a fleet of 400 ships able to hit his rimworlds, which are out of his scan range at the moment. Not planning to move against him unless he moves on me. Not unless I can win the game outright with a surprise attack.

Jeeva gone, Awesome-o gone. I pulled the final trigger in both cases. I'm planning a big economic push shortly, in a vain hope to catch up with Postscript tech wise.
PS now appears to be moving against Seedy George. I only need 17 planets to win so I need to look at any opportunistic way to grab that many worlds off of Seedy and PS. Hopefully Post on George will cause enough chaos to give me a shot.

George looks to be putting up a decent fight against PS, which is good. I'm slowly grabbing Boylee's worlds and hoping to stay out of hostilities with PS and George. I'm manouvering fleets into positions to grab a number of PS and George worlds at once in the hope of a snatch and grab victory. I can't risk doing it too early though. If possible i'm trying to keep fleets out of PS scanner range to keep him guessing as to where my ships are.

21/04/2010 11:45
PS sends me a mail conceding the game as he is too honourable to attack my weak underbelly... (good thing he doesn't know about the 1000 ships just outside his scan range that were put there just in case he tried exactly that type of attack!!).
Seedy George is moving ships to the front to combat PS's fleets. This is good because it will allow me to capture a few of his planets in 1 surprise attack. I will only do this when it assures victory though. 15 stars to go!

23/04/2010 19:10
4 stars to go! The last 2 of Boylees will go shortly. The only thing then is i'll need to hit PS and/or George to get the final 2. I'll need to time it right, as they are both in a position to capture worlds of mine in turn which would be a problem. It needs to be clean and clinical!
On a side note, my star and economic advantage have finally let me catch up with PS science.

Boylee gone. 2 stars needed...


I can't quite get over how intense the game was. The Sero War was an amazing battle that took over a week to come to a conclusion.
Postscript and Seedy George played excellent games, and I think Boylee could well have won if he'd not attacked Seedy George.

Thanks to everyone that played. I hope you all enjoyed it

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  1. Seedy_George's Avatar
    It was epic fun. Thanks for the props! I feel my greatest moment was holding off Sero whilst you could come to my aid. Man. Intense stuff for such a basic game.


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