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Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 4 - The fall of The Sero

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Got slightly worried that Sero was taking my invasion badly. He's clarified that he's role playing taking it badly. So that's alright then!

05/04/2010 20:40
I think i've got the upper hand on Sero now. Yildun has flipped a couple of times, but I think i've got it now. I've moved some fleets around so now Sero's counter attack is walking into an ambush.

Postscript has polished off 3agle, and has a fleet of 180 odd ships around the galactic core. I don't think they're a threat to me at the moment but have plans to counter just in case. Kind of hoping PS is going after Maia or possibly some of Boylees worlds. At this stage Boylee has over 3/4 of the inner ring of planets. If he can hold them long term it puts him in a strong position.

Jeeva and Boylee appear to be going at it. Jeeva's now in 2nd place and tech leader. I think he's one to watch later on. Boylee and Postscript are the two others with major fleets. I've overtaken Sero in economy and industry now. I'm hoping it's just a case of mopping him up.
I'm leader... which is worrying. Hopefully I can consolidate before people start moving against me.

06/04/2010 16:55
Sero is building defenses up round his core worlds. It looks like he's learnt his lesson, as his core worlds are going to be tough nuts to crack, even with Seedy George assaulting from the other flank. His rimworlds however look to be easy meat. He's not forming defensive fleets up as far as I can tell which means I can steamroller them.

Only major worry at this point is if Postscript attacks he could do a fuck ton of damage. Still, i'm reasonably sure he's preparing for a major assault against Awesome-o. God, I hope he's planning for a major assault against Awesome-o!

07/04/2010 13:55
Just noticed that PS has pumped his science something stupid in the last few hours!

Looks like PS is moving against Awesome-o. He's also pumped his science right up to 21!
I make some more moves against Sero worlds. Pretty routine at the moment.

08/04/2010 19:20
Same as yesterday. PS science now at 25! George has also overtaken me science wise. Have formulated a future border with Jeeva. If he let's me consolidate Sero's spiral then I think i'll be in a good position. PS is looking strong. It will be interesting to see whether Awesome-o can hold him off.

09/04/2010 19:20
Same as yesterday again! PS science now over 30... holy moly. Have spoken to PS, and we kind of think it's going to come down to a war with two sides. One side, me and PS. Other side Boylee and Seedy George.

Sero is going to be munched by me (and a bit of George... it's a bit WW2 at the moment as George and I race to grab the best worlds off of Sero before he collapses completely!).

PS is going to munch Awesome-o. Boylee is going to munch Jeeva (and I might have a bite as well). Damnation and Wondwi are hanging around with 1 planet each. Don't think Damnation will last, but Wondwi might last the game.

So... in the next few days we could have a Galactic East vs West superpower war. Should be fun. Go West Side!

10/04/2010 14:00
The Sero's defences are crumbling, his last major bastian Pherkard has fallen to me. I should have all his worlds within 24 hours (bar 1 that Seedy George may take).

Jeeva looks wide open, but I think I should consolidate a bit before launching an attack. Hopefully Boylee and George will concentrate on him.

Awesome-o is offering bounties to anyone that can hit Postscript. It's not even slightly tempting!

Sero is defending much better now than he was a few days ago. Lucky for me I think, as it's too late for him now. If he'd defended like this from the start of my attack then it could have gone very differently. Someone has also fed him 2 weapon techs... not sure who... could be any of PS, Jeeva or Boylee.

13/04/2010 00:36
Sero down to one world. It's well defended so haven't hit it yet, because taking it might leave an opening for Seedy George to attack me. PostScript really pushing science now. Not sure whether or not NOT attacking him is a good idea.

Pretty sure i'm going to start on Jeeva tomorrow, I need to keep a star lead to keep an economy lead. With a star and economy lead I may be able to catch back up to PS in science whilst maintaining industry advantage.

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