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Neptune's Pride Diary - Part 2 - The fall of Wondwi, and the rise of The Sero!

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01:15 Confirmed Wondwi is heading for Maia. I hope Postscript logs in and sends his fleet as we've planned. Also spotted a Fletch fleet angling in after being sent packing by the
sero. It could also potentially hit Wondwi. I'll see in the morning.

A lot has happened today, though hardly any of it done by me. As predicted Wondwi is buggered. Postscript will be hitting him shortly and he can't defend. Jeeva's also having a crack at him. It will be interesting to see if he attempts to hold Maia.Had to pay Postscript and Seedy George for tech at payday. Sensors have been upgraded again, and so have ship engines.

Boylee's noticed that despite my lowly tech score, I have the tech lead. Which is annoying as I was hoping no one would notice! Drawing attention is not a good thing at the moment.
My first attack is planned... sorry Wondwi. Things are about to get worse!

His low scan range is hurting him now, though I don't know if he realises it. I can see most of his planets including his homeworlds. I'm sending a feint at some of his science worlds, hoping to draw his main fleet away from his homeworld, which i'm in a position to pounce on when the time is right. He can't see the feint yet...Postscript has informed me that Awesome-o and Hawk are about to double team 3agle. 3agle knows about awesome-o... not sure if he knows about Hawk. PS has also mentioned that Jeeva Hawk and Awesome-o have talked about hitting me.

Pinged a mailto Jeeva warning him off my core worlds. tbh I don't care if he takes them, i've not invested in them at all. Just showing the flag! He quickly assures me that he's not. I can see his fleets and can counter if he tries anything ambitious. Fletch apparently getting murdered by the sero. Slightly surprised at that... initial impressions a few days ago was that it would be the other way round. The Sero may need to be watched...

I've fucked up my feint attack on Wondwi. Should have waited for 1 more ship... as it is he may drive me off. I've pumped industry on a near world. I may have enough to launch a follow up attack at 2am to mop him up. In an attempt to be ready sooner i've sent out a load of offers to sell tech to people. Hopefully someone will bite.

25/03/2010 19:39
Managed to recover against Wondwi. Yes, first fleet got wiped out due to my impatience but the smaller follow up fleet at 2am has finished the job. Careless mistake, but looks like i've got away with it.

Sold tech to a few people I propositioned yesterday. I think i'm giving it away too cheaply now, but it spreads goodwill. If people think i'm a soft touch trade wise, they will hopefully leave me alone as long as my planets are defended reasonably well. I'm splitting off my big fleets into smaller sizes so as to hit multiple targets in waves. I'm manouvering to hit Wondwi in multiple locations, all as a feint to try and draw his core fleet away from his homeworld. This'll take a day or so to set up I think.

The Sero is looking strong and is in range to hit the world {Bunda} I took off Wondwi, which would be bad. I have enough money to pump science OR to effectively defend Bunda, but not both for 24 hours. Pro points are that Sero doesn't have vision on Bunda and would need to fleet up two planet garrisons to take it. I would also have fleets able to retake. Pinged him a mail pointing out that while we could fight over Bunda, it's not in our interests to. Also had a crack at sewing some doubt in his mind about Damnation. Will be curious to know after the fact whether it worked. If he agrees a non aggresion pact i'll pump science. If he doesn't agree or doesn't respond before I go to bed, i'll pump Bunda defence.

The Sero responded reasonably positively. He also mentions he's had no contact with Wondwi. I'm curious about this. Wondwi's opening moves were pretty much flawless (imho). I'll be curious to know after the game how diplomatically active he was. Science pumped. It's a risk, but a calculated one. To attack Bunda The Sero would pretty much have to divert a lot of resources to it. I know his dispositions and Bunda's worth, and I don't think it's worth it if I were him. He doesn't have any eyes on my defenses so hopefully he'll have come to the same conclusion. Let's see how trixy he is...

Oh Wondwi, what are you doing? You must know I can see you?! His fleets are preparing to jump towards the galactic core. He may be thinking about retaking Bunda (though he's at least 2 days out for that). What it does mean though is that the moment his fleets jump to hyperspace, I can launch an assault against his homeworld which he won't be able to defend against.

I'm actually conflicted... this would be a death blow. Must harden my resolve... he's a heavy with his back turned and i'm a spy...

Lesson learnt from yesterday. I assume he will gain 2 tech levels and gain 5 more ships than he would generate in 24 hours, even though the fleet will hit in less than 18. Better overkill than underkill. If he can fend this off, he deserves to beat me! I also make sure my worlds are still reasonably defended. His fleets will still be active after this... and probably angry!

Reasonably sure i've caught Wondwi cold. Fletch is begging for speed tech in general chat to allow him to win a battle against Sero. I think it's a good idea to send it anonymously. If Sero beats Fletch quickly then it's not good for anyone. However I only have $24 so I can't actually do it. Fletch, if you read this... sorry buddy, if I had had one more dollar i'd have sent it.

Only thing left to do is reinforce a smaller fleet to wipe out another of Wondwi's science worlds. Both his defensive fleets are in hyperspace and can't respond. Dealing with them later might hurt a bit, but I don't think he can come back from this.

On a whim before bed I send a mail to Damnation trying to sew seeds of doubt about the Sero. I think Fletch is doomed but intervention from Damnation could keep him in the game long enough to cause Sero problems.

26/03/2010 19:14
Things have gone very well today. Which is worrying me! Wondwi's homeworld has been captured and looted, as has another of his science worlds. It looks like he's combining the rest of his ships into one uber fleet, and doesn't look to be moving to recapture his homeworld. Instead he's moving towards the galactic centre. He looks like he's going to have a fleet of around 80 ships. What he does with that fleet is going to dictate most of the play over the next couple of days.

Having captured Wondwi's science worlds I have a big research advantage over everyone else. It's bound to be noticed. I'm hoping there's not a backlash against me. I've tried to stagger my worlds so that any hit against me will have to be crap worlds first which will give me a time to respond. Only major worry at this point is a backstab from Postscript. He can't do a vast amount of damage but it would be a pain in the ass fighting him off. Plans at this point are to consolidate, mop up Wondwi's worlds, and grind his fleet down if it goes offensive against me.

27/03/2010 14:50
Firmly in the lead for now. My scan range has extended again... now best in galaxy. It gives me a view of Postscripts homeworld. 80+ ships. Fine with me as long as they stay there. I'm trying to negotiate weapons off of various people, but also researching them to. This research may be wasted but if no one trades I need a fallback, and quickly.

Fletch has sent me some cash. I think he's pretty much dead now, he no longer has any active fleets. It's only a matter of time now before The Sero mops him up.

PS is moving some fleets around internally. It's worrying me slightly because they could be in a position to assault my homeworld in 24 hours. Whilst i'd like to think he won't I can't count on goodwill. I make some moves to reinforce homeworld (Sarin), and move back the new fleet of 10 ships that Wondwi's old homeworld has chucked out for me. That should be enough to hold. Hopefully the fleet movement is because PS is moving against 3agle. I'll know tomorrow.

Postscripts fleet Battletoads still troubles me. I've now invested a lot of time and industry into making sure it can't hit me unrecoverably at Sarin. Worst case scenario is it hits me and then is wiped out in turn by my fleet moving to defence. This may just be my paranoia. Also half of PS home defence fleet has gone off radar. This means it's probably heading for 3agle. Any offensive move against me i'd be able to see it.

Mental note... need to start pumping economy.

Also, Wondwi is turtling up. As yet he hasn't launched a counter attack. The longer he waits the easier it will be for me to counter.

28/03/2010 23:30 (22.30 Game time due to BST rolling round).
Postscripts fleet did indeed head for 3agle and awesome-o. So my paranoid Sarin reinforcement was a bit of an expensive time waste in the end. Still, Sarin is now churning out ships at an impressive rate.

Wondwi's counterattack was launched this morning. He split his uberfleet up and headed for Bunda. Unfortunately for him his fleet arrived about 30 mins after I finished teching up weapons. Massively unlucky for him but it meant his attack fleet was wiped out with 5 defenders to spare.

I launch a calculated assault against the core of Wondwi's remaining fleet. This will hit around midday tomorrow. I worry that he may try a war of manouvre. That would be a pain in the ass! A straight fight will be easier.

Of my opponents, The Sero looks very strong but I think most of his resources are spread thin. Realistically he is my next target. Boylee also looks strong, but he is opposite side of galaxy so not worried about him at the moment. Sent some weapons tech to Fletch for a laugh just because it means he might wipe out one of Sero's fleets.

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  1. Wondwi's Avatar
    " Let's see how trixy he is..."
    Sero had asked about a non-aggression pact with me, and I had agreed to it on the 19th, 6 days before then. Looks like he was being trixy.
    I've never played this sort of game much before, and it looks like you've had a bit of experience. I think I was screwed from the start.
    Updated 25-04-2010 at 09:30 by Wondwi
  2. The Sero's Avatar
    I did wonder how long you had bee scheming against me, at that point I wasn't at all anywhere bar Fletch xD


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