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Deep inside the playstuff root admin forum there was a lovely thread highlighting what needed to be done for the vB4 upgrade to take place. I don't know what anyone else thought because normally I get questioned about something after I do it rather than before (Cue mac screaming about SVN). Mine was the post-thanks addition which should really be default in vBulletin - seriously Internet Brands hire that guy! It beats the reputation system to shit.

Unfortunately maybe upgrading the forums based purely on a plugin that was released the very same day was probably not smart in the fact that unless you are using Opera, Firefox or Chrome (or Presto, Gecko or Webkit - whichever way you want to look at it) it breaks the showthread.php and makes it blank.

Quote Originally Posted by Hentai View Post
I have a weird bug whit the new VBulletin and my browser, Avant browser (based on IE engine): i can see the threads but i can't see any of the posts, only a white background.
No problems whit Firefox, IE, Orca (it's like Avant but based on Firefox engine).
EDIT: i can see the posts in few threads, but the majority is an empty space, wtf is going on i have no idea...
So post-thanks is disabled and I may as well have upgraded a week earlier or just left it. Nevermind, there's always 4.1 to look forward to (*groan template changes* )

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Updated 03-01-2010 at 00:25 by Jamesy

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    I think we can all live without Thanks for a while Seriously though mate - your work on the upgrade has been astoundingly good! Huge thanks from all of us
  2. Boylee's Avatar
    Indeed it has, exemplary I would say. IOU thanks is the new fad anyway, just watch out for the flurries of random thanks that will fly about after the hack is updated, as everyone struggles to clear their thanks backlog.
  3. almightybob's Avatar
    Thanks for this post:


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