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List of [Awesome] Source Mods!

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Here's a list of some Source mods that are out there. Enjoy!

Jailbreak: Source
Dinosaurs vs Robots...
Every time someone dies they get thrown into the opposing teams jail, you can bust them out by hitting the release switch. Watch the trailer, it's awesome.

A futuristic 'anime' counterstrike like mod. Very popular with a large community.

Age of Chivalry
A multiplayer class based Medieval brawler in first person.

GoldenEye: Source
Did you ever own an N64? Then this needs no introduction.
If you didn't then this is a remaking of one of the best FPS' ever made, get it!

Quite a popular mod, like Call of Duty.

A series of short episodic story's by a single developer

An experimental survival horror mod about delusion, paranoia and the end of the world. Apparently it's pretty insane.

Too Many Crates
Solve puzzles and smash crates. Smashing crates is always a good gameplay mechanic.

A FPS RTS hybrid that's been around a while with a strong community.

An episodic, Egyptian themed puzzle game.

The Mortwood Plaza
Another Zombie mod, but this one has a plethora of makeshift weapons. From skateboards, lightsabers, jetpacks, hotdog suits, freeze guns and remote control planes.

Eternal Silence
Dog fights in space, or board ships and take them down from the inside.

Fortress Forever
Remake of the original Team Fortress in the source engine. Suppose this is either for nostalgia, curiosity or educational purposes?

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II
A fairly new mod, looks pretty good too. Haven't played it, but when a mod is popular enough to warrant a sequel, it's probably very good.

Unreleased stuff to keep an eye out for: [as of writing]

Dino D-Day
From the description: "You’ll play as Sgt. Jack Hardgrave, a renowned paleontologist who thought he put his career on hold to go to war…then Hitler resurrected dinosaurs and unleashed them on the Allies in 1942."
Who wouldn't want to play as a paleontologist killing Nazi Dinosaurs?

Looks pretty neat. Not many details on gameplay yet though.

Half-Life: Tactics
Turn based strategy game set in the HL2 universe.

Mario Kart: Source
Remake of N64 Mario Kart. For those that don't have a Wii (or doesn't fancy Sonic Superstars Racing, also coming to PC).

Perfect Dark: Source
Remake of N64 Perfect Dark, still in the early stages of development.

Star Wars: The New Era
Still pretty in development. For those that like Star Wars I suppose...

A racing sim heavily based on Need for Speed. It'll be the first racing sim on Source (if it comes out that is).

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  1. Boylee's Avatar
    What? No Black Mesa?
  2. awesome-o's Avatar
    Jailbreak source sounds awesome. I mean, Dinosaurs versus Robots, how awesome can that be!


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