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Developer Drivel

Night photos!

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Proving why I should have bought a tripod. And brought gloves, now that the feeling in my hands has returned at last

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  1. Amnesiac's Avatar
    Really top work mate!

    A wonky picture has personality. Especially if its framed aswell as the 2nd picture. Love all the detail in the centre and emptiness around it.
  2. Dr.Strangelove's Avatar
  3. Logan's Avatar
    Very nice

    My fave is the gates - as the shot intruiged me and had me peering into it
  4. Seedy_George's Avatar
    I know where that is! It's Norwich! Second pic is, oh, Elm Hill? If you walk down that street there's a Wetherspoons?
  5. Jamesy's Avatar
    Yup elm hill. First one is the market, third is god knows where as my friend's went down a dark alley and I just mindlessly followed (go us and being streetwise ) and the last one is the church near the forum.
  6. Seedy_George's Avatar
    The market! So it is. Duh.
    Cool photos though maan!


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