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Netbook running OSX - now that DOES appeal to me!!!

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Whilst I like to think us enlightenned souls on Playstuff embrace all tech and all operating systems, for their various benefits, it hasn't escaped me that access and therefore experience, of OSX, is limited here. We're all gamers after all - and gaming mainstream is windows based and heavily reliant on an OSX incompatible codebase - DirectX.

I think it's a reasonable position to state a demand that if we pay for an operating system, we should be able to do with it what we like. One valid critisism I think that could be thrown at Apple's doorstep, is that they lock down OSX to their own 'approved', (read sold), hardware.

Now. As a confessed fan of the Apple Hardware/Software combination dream ticket, I do see the reasons for this.
Stability comes guarenteed for a start. Apple approval comes to mean something. Brand is maintained.....and other stuff. I value it in many ways - and my use of software has never been as fluent as when it's running on my mac, in osx.

There is however a big BUT!

You see, I am also a libertarian at heart. When it comes to property and product, I believe if you spend the money, you should get full ownership and freedom. Wherever possible anyway. This goes for game server's as much as it does for operating systems. Sadly, the game corporations out there are currently seeking to cut our freedoms off in this area - but it could be interestingly timed - for geeks like us especially. Because OSX has it's own OpenGL/Quartz based graphics protocol - and it's bloody good - which is why Apple OS's have maintained such a strong foothold in the 3D animation and rendering world. As a gamer and a Mac user, i'd love to see more companies developing for OSX and abandoning direct X based engines. (....just as happy to see Apple start incorporating DirectX full compatitbility into their OS).

This ties very nicely in with the following Blog by @Documentally, a friend of mine.

The point i'm making is, if 'the community' demanding OSX cross hardware is loud and large enough - it may just happen. For now though, it's encouraging to see that it runs smoothly on netbooks and PC's of all shapes and sizes - if you know how.

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Updated 12-02-2010 at 07:40 by Logan

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  1. Boylee's Avatar
    I wonder how they managed this, I though OS X requires custom chips in the motherboard that allow it to boot. :S
  2. Jamesy's Avatar
    You can install it on any pc, the closer the hardware the easier it is. Although you are then at the mercy of every update potentially sending you down kernel panic alley and then it's like meh.


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