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Yobs with a camera

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Media project, getting some test footage to make sure we can cock up the proper thing right first time

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    the walking railing and the ankle shots were ace. Thought the evening tests produced some good shots too - location wise. The night running shot was ace - but odd height of camera, could do with lifting. Finally, I particularly liked the static cam shots - very moody.

    looking forward to seeing this develop
  2. SleeperService's Avatar
    Needs more Yobs
  3. Post Script's Avatar
    Like it
  4. Jamesy's Avatar
    Mark, if you could repost that comment on the blog I have to keep for the course I'd be very grateful . I get bonus powerups for that
  5. Logan's Avatar
    course bud - gimmie linky as i've lost
  6. Jamesy's Avatar
    another bug for me to fix, links are painfully unobvious on these things.
  7. Logan's Avatar
    odd, commented but its not there. must need moderation?
  8. Jamesy's Avatar
    Yeah we have to set moderation because they only managed to get blogspot unfiltered by the skin of their teeth. Media department really suffer hard lol. Especially when Norfolk County Council blocked youtube in schools because we'd all go round murdering each other apparently


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