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Hyper-V Server 2008 SP2 install

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Virtualisation is great. We have 25 odd Virtual Machines across 4 physical servers for development and testing. Want a new server just pull it up from the library and you have a new server in the time it takes to move the virtual hard drive files. Want to do something risky on the server like testing deployment scripts across replicated servers - take a checkpoint and you can roll it back in seconds and test it again from your starting point.

MS have a free VM host called Hyper-V Server 2008 (now at the R2 stage). It has close to 0 management features, just networking, updates and a command line so to manage VM's on it you need Hyper-V manager on another machine like a standard Windows 2008 server with the Hyper-V role or Systems Centre Virtual Machine Manager.

So what happens when something goes wrong with the host machine then all the VM's on it are affected. This is the downside of Virtualisation a hardware or software fault on the host can bring down 8 machines instead of 1.

So on one of our Hyper-V Servers the management service would stop unexpectedly, try and restart and then get stuck in a port conflict. All the guest machines would run properly but we couldn't manage them through Hyper-V Manager. The only solution was to restart the host machine which meant manually logging on to the guest machines, 8, and shutting them down, then restart the host. and the service would act fine for a short time and we would be back at the start of the problem.

I tried various solutions but in the end it looked like I had to install Windows Server 2008 SP2 on there so i took a backup of the VM's, approved the update in WSUS (centralling managed windows update server), installed the other critical updates and waited for it to appear on the server. Nothing !! WSUS says it had been downloaded to the machine and I could see the files on the machines but it wouldn't appear when trying to update. Looked in the update log and it said please log onto the machine as an administrator and follow further instruction. I am and am not getting instructions. Grrrr.

So I downloaded the SP manually copied it to the server and ran it and it wouldn't run becuase it had the Chinese Language pack installed and the SP was the English version???? After looking at the install disk for Hyper-V Server 2008, the English and Chinese versions are on the same disk and it looked like both were installed originally.

Uninstalled the Chinese Language pack, Installed SP2 rebooted and everything is working nice and smoothly once again.

Thanks for the differing language versions MS between install disks and SP updates and silently installing a language completely unrelated to the one we chose to install.

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  1. Logan's Avatar
    lol - typical bug fix session then - MS turns out at fault
  2. Agro's Avatar
    is this you endorsing Hyper-v or not? Have been looking to play around with it now that I have the MAPS pack from MS but I've a funny feeling that my hardwre is sadly lacking... ah well, I'm sure the world doesn't need an Agro who knows what he's barking on about.


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