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    A Social Lounge for Geeks and Gamers.

    With our origins in TF2, we currently play mostly Battlefield V, Dota2, Overwatch, GTAV, Rocket League, Counterstrike:GO, Minecraft, Sea Of Thieves and whatever else takes our fancy (lots of Tabletop Simulator games!).

    We run multiple servers, many are private for members exclusive use (including our awesome Minecraft server). Many of our members are active game designers, developers and coders, but most of us are just obsessive gamers.

    To get involved, sign up and say hi on the forum, then jump on the Playstuff Discord server.

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    TF2 night v2

    Thread Starter: Krazko

    Hey everyone! So it's been a while again (over a year :( ) I was speaking to Flo a few days ago and a new TF2 night would be in order! If...

    Last Post By: cspflo 20-07-2019, 11:48 Go to last post

    Rocket League

    Thread Starter: Seric

    A few of us have picked this up and I have to say, it's great fun. If you've been thinking of getting it, I can certainly recommend it, if you've...

    Last Post By: Khyber 17-07-2019, 14:30 Go to last post